5 Stress-Free Ways to Spend National Poetry Month


Photo by Pai-Shi Lee, Creative Commons via Flickr.

While some of us go all-out during National Poetry Month, using it as a time to challenge ourselves with myriad iterations of how to read a poem and how to write a poem, there are also those of us who would just as easily wish to kick back and enjoy a stress-free spring arrival.

If this describes you--if it's your year to go stress-free during NPM--then read on.

5 Stress-Free Ways to Spend National Poetry Month


1. Visit a poetry library or literary sanctuary.

Meander to a place like Poets House, the Poetry Barn, the Poetry Foundation, or the Loft Literary Center. Sit near a window, and read only what you like.

2. Color your way to poetry relaxation.

Just pick up this free poetry coloring book. It's got whimsical, lively, and fantastical illustrations that are just waiting for your markers, crayons, or colored pencils. The coloring book features favorites such as Frost's Birches, Lawrence's Piano, Poe's Annabel Lee, Keats' Ode on a Grecian Urn, and more.

3. Go for a haiku walk (or two).

The combination of the healing powers of nature and the simplicity of haiku are a sure way to go stress-free. A haiku walk is fairly simple. Check out this lovely description of a 3-part approach to the haiku walk. Then relax and breathe.

4. Laugh a little.

You can take the amusing route by reading funny poems and enjoying a few good poetry comics like this amusing National Poultry Month series or Best American Poetry's Nin Andrews' funnies.

5. Go for roses, chocolates, and other simply daring no-pressure ideas.

Usually, National Poetry Month focuses on poets and poems, as well as big events and projects. You can simplify and take a relaxing chance on roses, red, chocolates, and poetry fashion. Dare to relax with these unconventional NPM ideas.

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