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5 Supermodels Share Their Must-Have Beauty Products From Fashion Week

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Models may be pros at walking in dangerously high heels, wearing clothes with aplomb, and looking good while doing practically everything, but if there is one thing that exceeds their fashion prowess, it's their command off the world's best beauty products. Backstage at fashion week each season, they road test a mind-boggling assortment of foundations, creams, bronzers, lip colors, and mascaras from brands that range from drugstore finds to luxury staples. Between having their makeup applied and reapplied several times a day and their skin exposed to just as many different ingredients, it's safe to say that they've figured out which products really belong in beauty's upper echelon. Here, we got five supermodels including Jourdan Dunn, Jessica Hart and Karlie Kloss (who routinely takes to Instagram to share the contents of her travel bag) to reveal the three must-have beauty products they never leave home without.

From 'gotta-have-it' lip balms to hair growth supplements to an in-flight treat (that's right, snacks have their place in beauty too), click HERE for 15 beauty products you'll always find in these models' carry-on bags.

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