5 Technologies Your Business Should Adopt Right Now

5 Technologies Your Business Should Adopt Right Now
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Business technology is always changing, and if you don't do your best to stay ahead of the curve you could find yourself playing a very dangerous game of catch-up. Automating business processes and incorporating new methods of payment and customer service are integral to staying competitive as a retailer and employer. Clients want to purchase from businesses that can respond to their needs quickly, and employees want to work in an environment that is efficient and secure.

To continue to attract talented workers and retain tech-savvy clients, your business should incorporate these 5 business technologies as soon as possible.

Digital Payment Forms
According to a recent study from Statista, in-person mobile payments are projected to reach $23.47 billion by 2018. If you are not yet accepting Apple Pay and Google Wallet, this should be at the top of your list of priorities if you want your business to continue to grow.

Accepting digital payments allows for a more streamlined, speedy checkout process. While you may experience some hiccups when first adopting new payment forms, it projects the image of your business being forward-thinking and modern.

Information Security
Approximately 15 million people are victims of identity theft each year, many of whom have been hacked through online purchase forms or point-of-sale security breaches. Identity theft and cybercrime are undoubtedly on the rise, and the problem will continue to compound. From increasing the security of your online payment form, to updating to new card readers that use the more secure credit card chip, it's your business's responsibility to make sure your customers' sensitive data and payment information is kept safe.

Consider hiring a data security consultant to review your website for possible security breaches, and pay specific attention to the security of your online payment form and any customer databases you might host in the cloud.

Remote Workers
More and more millennials are full-time freelancing or working remote jobs that allow them to fulfill their roles from home. This is great both for workers, who desire to have a more flexible schedule, and employers, who can use remote employees to solve problems like increasing overhead for office space and a lack of qualified job applicants.

Businesses that want to recruit the best talent should be setting up the infrastructure they need to hire remote workers and freelancers. While managing remote employees can seem intimidating, keeping in touch and monitoring progress is now easier than ever, thanks to online meeting platforms and project management software.

Appointment Scheduling Software
Businesses that provide appointment-reliant services, like dentists offices, lawn care professionals, or salons, are increasingly seeking automated appointment scheduling software that allows customers to schedule their own appointments without assistance from an employee.

Adding this software to your website is easy, and will streamline the scheduling process, free up time for administrative employees, and empower customers to schedule without getting on the phone.

Live Chat Customer Service
Providing fast and effective customer service is important for the success of your business, and technology makes it possible for you to provide top-notch support via live chat. Many companies are incorporating live chat, using remote employees to take some of the load off of traditional over-the-phone agents.

To add live chat customer support to your website, you'll need to install live chat software. There are a few free options, as well as plenty of paid services available. Do your research and find the solution that's right for your business.

Business technologies are forever evolving, and your business must embrace this change if you want to stay relevant in your industry. Save time, money, and manpower, recruit better employees, and retain important clients by incorporating these 5 business technologies now.


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