5 Things About Wedding Planning That Really Suck (and Tips to Ease the Pain)

I am going to be totally honest and say that, no, wedding planning is not all fresh roses and pretty dresses. It can really suck! There are times you will want to rip your hair out, you will want to elope, or even just give up all together.
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I am going to be totally honest and say that, no, wedding planning is not all fresh roses and pretty dresses. It can really suck! There are times you will want to rip your hair out, you will want to elope, or even just give up all together.

Before you panic, take a deep breath.

Let me share with you five things that can really suck about wedding planning, and a few top tips to ease the pain.

1. RSVPs
If you are inviting more than 50 guests to your wedding, RSVPs totally suck. You will become all too familiar with statements like "well, of course you know I'm coming" and "oh, I thought I already sent that to you" or "I told you ages ago I couldn't make it." People just don't understand the process. They don't know about your meticulously planned out spreadsheet and mock table plan. You can't blame them, they just don't get it. It will be frustrating no matter what you do, and you will have to face those dreaded "just confirming your attendance" phone calls at some point. But here are a few tips to try and make as few as possible.

  • Be clear on your invitation. Tell them exactly what they have to do, and make the deadline very, very clear.

  • Make it easy. Include a RSVP card + self-addressed envelope to post AND an online RSVP method, either email or link to a website/ app.
  • Remind people as you see them and remind them to remind others too.
  • 2. So many decisions!
    You will probably never have to make as many decisions in one 12-18 month span in your life than you will when you are planning your wedding. You have to pick people's outfits, hotel rooms, meals, hair styles, nail color, shoe color, gifts they will like, flowers, and on and on. It all falls on you. Every decision you make will impact others that have to be made. It can be overwhelming. But luckily I have some tips.

    • Decide on your wedding style/theme at the very beginning and stick with it. Once you have made your choice decisions will become much easier. (for help with choossing your style take the "Find Your Wedding Style Quiz")

  • Delagate. Ok, not the big stuff like your dress and venue. But let your partner choose the music, let your mom choose the flowers, let your maid of honor choose her dress. They will feel more part of the day and it is less stress on you.
  • Think big picture, don't get too bogged down with individual decisions, that will dive your crazy. Keep picturing in your mind the joy you and your guests will have throughout your entire wedding day.
  • 3. Never having enough money
    Is there ever enough? Even celebrities have a budget -- it might be bigger, but it is still there! I don't need to go on about this one, if you are planning a wedding know exactly what I mean.

    I just have one BIG tip for this one: PRIORITIZE! Spend more on the things you really, really want and less on the things that don't mean so much. Easy as that.

    4. Time goes by too fast
    This is a biggie. Whether it is the planning process or the actual whirlwind of the wedding day, time flies, fast. However, what you will always have is the memories, and those are the things worth holding onto. Here are a few tips to make those memories last forever.

    • Create a wedding planning scrap book or journal. Log it all, every happy moment. Include a napkin for the restaurant where he proposed, pictures of you trying on your wedding dress for the first time, one of your wedding invitations, clippings from magazines, whatever is precious to you at the time.

  • Hire an excellent photographer and videographer. Get a professional to capture your memories. It goes by in a flash and you can't possibly remember every second, but getting it on film will allow you to enjoy the day over and over again and see something new every time.
  • Take a deep breath and take it all in! Sometimes life can get away from us. We need to be in the moment and just enjoy. So when things seem to be going a bit quick take a breath and use all your senses to just be inside yourself looking at all the joy around you.
  • 5. Trying to please everyone
    Being a bride means everyone wants a piece of you! All of your favourite people in the world- want your time, opinion, decision, yes, no, maybe and everything in between. You want, and will try to be, there for everyone because you love them all. But, before you go cuckoo, or worse, remember these tips.

    • It is your day. (Yup, that's all.)

  • You are not running an ER or flying a plane that is out of control, you are planning a wedding. No one is going to die if you do not take action in this exact moment. If you need a bit of time, take it.
  • Take care of yourself! Get your nails done, book a weekend away (without your wedding notes), go on a date with your fiancé. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself overflow with happiness and smile. If you do, everyone else will too.
  • So what is your biggest worry at the moment? Or do you have a top tip that helped you overcome a big problem you were having? Share below and inspire others.


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