5 Things Every Woman Needs to Leave Behind

We all know resolutions don't work. Wanting to change however, now that's something that's actually very healthy.

We women are masters of change. We're also masters of beating ourselves up daily. Self-improvement is one thing, but self-abuse is quite another.

Here are five things every woman needs to leave behind:

1. Waiting for Mr./Mrs. right to come along before making major life plans.

Too often I hear clients say they're waiting to buy that house, take that trip, or invest in something big until they've found their partner. Putting your life on hold for a future possibility isn't a safe bet and it's not very honoring towards your own life dreams.

2. Overachieving.

It's time we become over over-ing anything. Let's be honest here. Aren't you exhausted? Whatever happened to showing up, doing our best, and then leaving the rest up to trusting life?

Have you ever tried to catch a bug in a swimming pool? The more you go after it, the farther it seems to float away. Pull back a bit in life and let life flow to you.

3. Over Yes-ing.

As Ann Lamont so eloquently wrote: "No is a complete sentence". Pepper this new year with fertile nos.

The more we honor our time and our energy, the more we have to give to those we really care about. Over-extending ourselves repeatedly leads to burnout, which leads me to the next one...

4. Care-taking.

Unless you have a child under the age of 18, your number one care-taking priority should be the person in the mirror.

When we care-take our friends, our partners and our clients beyond normal polite and gracious human treatment, we set ourselves up as martyrs, and most times the people we're care taking didn't ask for it and don't appreciate it.

When we lean back a bit, we empower those around us to take care of themselves.

5. Date debt.

I'm betting you know exactly what I mean before I even explain it.

Spending money on new clothes, over spending on grooming, and treating every date as a special event is hard on your cashflow. Save your hard-earned bucks until the new bloke or lass has proven themselves to be a keeper. Then take that cash saved and buy yourself something sexy (or invest in something fabulous)

Putting life on hold for some future promise, over achieving, over yes-ing, care-taking and date debt are so last year. Let's march into the future empowered, abundant and energized.