5 Things Every Woman Should Definitely Have to Help Her Conquer

young woman opening her shirt like a superhero
young woman opening her shirt like a superhero

I was laying in bed when I thought to myself. "You know, Aleichia, there are just some things every woman should have." Call it our inalienable rights but I truly believe that we women are powerful and magnificent and we should have these tools to help us impact the world or even get through a rainy day! So here's the list! Every woman should have,

1. A movie that inspires her to be a heroine

Oddly enough, mine is Bridesmaids. I know Annie isn't a real hero but I just love how she let's out her "crazy" and expresses her emotions (even if she ruins a beautiful cookie). Annie inspires me to express myself. I think every girl should have that one film where she can relate to a character or can say "Hey, yeah! I definitely want to change the world like that today!"

2. A book to keep going back to

Books are such magical objects. Every woman should have that one book that when she reads it, it's like she's reading a whole different book for the first time. It could be something that changes your perspective or perhaps a romance that makes your heart flutter! What centers you? What moves you? This book will be your "go to" and perhaps it will change as you evolve as a person. My book is The Alchemist, something about venturing to a new place and finding myself in life is amazing to me.

3. A comfortable (and equally sexy) pair of shoes to conquer in

Shoes can be your best friend or your worst enemy. We all deserve a pair that are killer but that won't kill us. My life goal (well one of them) is to find a pair that feels as good as it looks and that will also last in the rain!

4. An oasis to clear her mind

Be it a warm bath or a corner in your favorite coffee shop. We should all have a place away from all the noise and expectations. A place where we can clear our minds.

5. A favorite bottle of wine and a favorite dessert.

Don't underestimate what a good bottle of wine and a delicious dessert can do for your soul! I love chocolate, so if I'm freaking out over societal standards (yes, I do this often) or maybe an exam I give myself a night and open a bottle and a chocolate bar. It's wonderful!