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5 Things Grown Adults Should Stop Doing and Saying Right Now

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You are an adult... unless you are a kid. But most people reading this are grown adults -- paying bills, contributing to society, community leaders, parents, and all around valuable humans who inspire and teach and are role models to little humans around them.

So why in the Seven Kingdoms (I miss you Jon Snow) are you saying and doing things that are saved for teens and tweens in their angst stages. Come on grown ups... it's our turn right now... it's our turn up here. Lets pull this together!

5 things you -- grown adults -- need to stop saying right NOW [like maybe even in 2001].

1. On Fleek. No, just stop this. What does this mean even. My goodness. Save this for the yungones OK. Let them have their word back. Don't say this in public. Nothing you do is EVER on fleek!

2. Leggings are NOT pants. Peter Pan was knocking on your window last night (and every night since you started wearing leggings as pants) and he wants his look back! but when I am checking out at the grocery store and your no-pant wearing bum is staring at me... gross. They are leggings... not pants. Take them right back to the second star on the left ... and straight on to morn!

3. Facebook is NOT trying to steal your pictures! Stop posting things on your Facebook wall without reading and researching everything. Don't you teach this to your little humans... learn the facts before you jump to conclusions. Your FB pictures are already public, it's a public forum. If you don't want people to steal your pictures then... just. Don't. Post. Them. WHAT! Yes, no one needs to know what a perfect life you have and then steal those pictures for themselves.

4. FB statuses: Where you announce to the world that you "cleaned out" your friends list. And I made the cut! (yea?) this is kinda rude, no? I mean, how many fake friends did you have anyway that you had to do a 'clean out'? Also you are a grown-up... this sort of thing is for the kiddies save the high school dramz for the high-schoolers.

5. Posting awful war images or abused animal and tragic human pictures. what are you doing here? Are you saying 'look, so sad'. Yes it's totally sad, its heartbreaking, it's unbearable. We are all online and responsible humans who have access to the news. We know this already! What are you doing about it? Why are you posting this -- while you are watching dancing with the stars and bored during commercial breaks. Here's what... unless you are actually on the front-lines fighting the good fight and have started an organization to actively help... then no... stop it. You are feeding your online need for 'likes' and commentary at the expense of real animals and humans who are going through something very real... that you are not doing anything about. commercial is over.

Alright. That's it. Now go put on some pants!