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5 Things Successful People Don’t Do

There is nothing wrong with being successful. Actually, there is no better feeling in this world! Feeling successful, fulfilled and happy with yourself- that’s what our lives should be all about. But let’s make one thing clear! Success is something very personal. Something that only you yourself can feel and something only you yourself should define. So before you go on a lengthy google search on how to become successful and what successful people do and how they live their lives, remember the following 5 things:

1. Successful people do not spend their time reading articles on what “successful” people do, how they spend their weekends and whether they should wear the same clothes every day to be more like Mark Zuckerberg! They create their own rules and their own definitions of success.

2. Successful people do not fake it till they make it! They have already made it! They are happy with what they have right now at this right, exact moment and they bloody enjoy it!

3. Successful people do not try to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs- they work hard to create the best version of themselves.

4. Successful people do not become entrepreneurs because it is a cool thing to do! They are entrepreneurs because they feel the urge to change the world

5. Finally, truly successful people do not post photos on Instagram of their Ferraris, expensive Rolex watches and their Dior shopping bags. They do not need validation from the world that they have made it ― they know it for themselves.

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