5 Things to Have a Successful Year


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Has the fun and excitement of the new year worn off already? A new year signifies a refresh start, a new beginning. And let's be real -- a do over on the things we wanted to get done the year before. Now, that we are a few weeks into the year, the outcome of your year depends on how you continue it. And more importantly, it depends on how you follow through.

Listed below are five things you can do to ensure you have a successful year:

1. Let go of what did or didn't happen last year

As we start the beginning of a new year we can either bask in the wild success of the year before or wallow too long about what didn't happen. If the year before was great, awesome! Now, ride the wave and set new goals so you can keep growing.

If there were things that you wish you completed like the book, finally changing careers, or launching your business, forgive yourself and let it go. Recalibrate and get re energized with new goals and set new milestones. The whole key to your success is moving forward instead of continuously looking backward.

"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." - Melody Beattie

2. Purge your space

Many people do the annual end of year trip to GoodWill or the Salvation Army either to get rid of unwanted items or to make the end of year cut off for tax deductions. That's great and it's a start. But when is the last time you purged your house? One of the best gifts I could have ever given to myself is getting rid of everything unnecessary in my home.

Your home is your safe haven. The place where you go to relax, unwind, and recharge. Not the place where you go to be reminded of your already stressful life and never ending to do list because everywhere you turn around there is clutter.

No, you don't need those papers from eight years ago. No, you're not going to wear that set of clothes from two sizes ago. And I'm sorry, but everything is not a keep sake. I literally went room by room over a matter of a few months and I must say that it truly feels like I lost weight. Unnecessary weight.

3. Create your zone

Create the space in your house that is just for you! Designed, organized, and decorated in a way that inspires, relaxes, energizes, or does whatever you need it too. If you feel you need to be productive create your productivity zone.

If you need to relax, create your relaxation zone. If you are a stay at home mom and need a break, create your mommy zone. Or, if you are an entrepreneur like myself, create your profit zone, as my good friend and interior designer Nikki Klugh calls it. But whatever it is you need to refuel you, ensure that you create a personal space that you utilize and protect.

There could not have been a more refreshing feeling than when I decluttered, organized, and decorated my home office, my own personal profit zone. Instead of it being a room that I avoid, it's now one my favorite inspirational places to work.

4. Get real with your finances

Yes! Have a sit down meeting with yourself and whomever else needs to be involved about what your true financial state is and what it would take to achieve your financial goals. Finances are one of the easiest things to avoid. Sure, everything is taken care of on a monthly basis but do you know what's going out, what's coming in, and what you need for the future?

For your household, what would it take to go on all the dream vacations you desire, purchase your next dream home, or be prepared for retirement? For your business, what would it take for you to break into 6 or 7 figures. All of it requires having a serious reality check about where you are as well as what you have to do to achieve true financial success.

5. Come up with a plan to attack your audacious goals

Whether you set new year's resolutions, I am sure that you have some goals for the year ahead. Some of which you may have attempted before like the infamous 20 pounds that everyone would like to get off. Or some can be overwhelming like launching a business or planning a big move.

Most people tend to either get stifled or stop before they even start because of the magnitude of what they want to achieve. The best thing you can do to keep moving forward with momentum is to ask yourself, what is the next practical step that I can take? Who do I need to call? Email? Follow-up with? Etc. Anytime you begin to feel overwhelmed or stagnated by the scope of it all, take a step back and see what is it that you can do next?

Success doesn't happen by accident! It is intentional, sought after, and planned for. The year you desire to have and who you want to become doesn't happen by setting goals, it happens by taking action. Success is finding the courage to show up for yourself day after day, moment by moment until each goal is complete.

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right." - Oprah Winfrey

Which one of these will be the one you focus on the most this year and why?

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