5 Things To Know About Lesbian And Bisexual Women’s Health

And a few of the other LGBT wellness stories you should know about this week.

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5 Things to Know About Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Health

Our friends at Bustle have put together a handy list of five things you may not know about lesbian and bisexual women’s health. Go check it out!

Jaan Williams Breaks Barriers as White House Liaison

Great news! Jaan Williams was just appointed as the White House liaison to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This makes Williams the first trans person to EVER serve as a White House liaison for a government agency. A big win for both Williams and the community!

Doctors Do’s and Don’ts for Talking About Prostate Cancer

A new study found serious issues with how healthcare professionals talk to gay and bi men with prostate cancer. What caused problems? Assuming patients were straight, trouble disclosing sexual orientation, and ignoring the effect of prostate cancer on queer sexuality. What made it better? Acknowledging sexual orientation and exploring how it might be affected prostate cancer. 

Which Queer Men Smoke?

We know smoking is a big deal, but what kinds of people tend to actually do it? Researchers looked at data from over 6,500 gay and bi men and found that compared to nonsmokers, smokers tended to be young, have a high school diploma or less and be HIV-positive.

Want to Improve Trans Students’ Mental Health?

Science backs us up: housing and bathrooms are a big deal. A new study found that giving trans college students access to bathrooms and housing that matched their gender identity is related to a lower risk of suicide. This was still true even after taking away bulling and general person-to-person awfulness.

Younger Men Better at Disclosing HIV Status, Negotiating Condoms

A new study compared gay and bi men who were 50 or older with 18-34 years olds to see which group was better at disclosing their HIV status to partners and negotiating for safer sex (especially condoms). Turns out young men are better at both. Older gents: it might be time to learn some new tricks.



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