5 Things You Can Do Right Now! Begin...

5 Things You Can Do Right Now! Begin...
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1. Ask yourself, what can I do? Sounds simple, but when repeated as your mantra, these four words can get to-do done, can shift your perceptions of time and commitment, and create an actionable self-accountability checklist for keeping you focused on the process of growth. When you get stuck, run out of time, feel overwhelmed, or need a push…ask yourself…what can I do?

2. Give yourself permission. Permission to try something new. Permission to get something wrong. Permission to be you. Permission to forgive. We keep ourselves in lockdown living rules as they are written, even if the rules that we posted for ourselves decades ago no longer resonate with who we are today. Break the rules. Not the legal ones! The rules and boundaries that keep you playing small instead of thinking big. 2017 is right around the corner. New year. New rules.

3. Step into the laboratory of life! Once you shed some of the rules, you can run the experiment. Life is a beta test! We don’t know if we don’t try, so the research and ability to “date a situation” creates the backdrop of possibility. Where are you willing to play and be curious? What small thing can you research, test, explore that will take you a step closer to your dreams? Now do it.

4. Take yourself seriously. We have all heard that maybe we take ourselves too seriously…but I am asking you to reverse that a bit. We want to laugh and enjoy life, but we also want to show up in that life. Often, when we get lost and caught up within the complexity or uncertainty of a situation and we let our fears run the show. We question whether we are good enough, or smart enough, or worthy enough and then just when we have the opportunity to stand up and take a stand, we back down and quit. This happens with clients and potential clients all the time. Their internal dialogue shuts down their ability to understand their own value. Unless we understand what we bring to the table, it is hard to sit at that table at all. Where are you willing to show up? The investment you make in prioritizing yourself is a game changer. Start by creating a calendar with YOU in mind. Begin with your personal time and work backwards toward the rest of the week. When you show up for you, everyone else does as well.

5. Live life as an advanced level course. You can take the entry class or the advanced proficiency curriculum. Most of us spend a great deal of time and energy waiting for tomorrow to “begin” and start today! When you take the college level course, you begin and you do. Otherwise you miss the learning, miss the coursework and never really learn the subject. If your life were a college or graduate level class, how would you show up for it? Would you be ready to grow? Apply this same energy and commitment to your today!

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