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5 Things You Must Do on a Safari!

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Beautiful young male. Photo Credit: Randy Minton

There is nothing as incredible as an African Safari. Nothing. Seeing these animals in the wild is not at all comparable to seeing them in a zoo or a "safari" park. The savannah goes on forever....truly, the Circle of Life is real. I expected to see Simba and his friends at any moment. I actually saw many simbas (simba means "lion"!). An African Safari is a trip anyone who loves to travel must take at least once in their lifetime! The best experience will include:

Lemala-Ewanjan Camp. Photo Credit: Randy Minton

1. Staying at a Luxury Safari Camp. Tent? It is more like a well-appointed suite at a first class hotel. The guides and staff are attentive and make sure you have everything you want. Your guide, or perhaps a Maasai Warrior (at least in Tanzania) escorts you to and from your tent at night. Going back after dinner one night in the Serengeti our Maasai guide took a flashlight to our left and whoa! Hyena eyes, about 6 pair, were staring at us. What an adrenaline rush! And the sound of the savannah at night is a symphony (except for the wildebeest who make a really loud, aggravating wonder they get eaten, since they constantly announce their location!) The meals are amazing, cocktails before dinner and three delicious, fresh, chef prepared meals a day. Luxury camping is the only way to camp!

With Samson, our safari guide.

2. A private guide and viewing vehicle. Now this is a treat. You do not have to worry about "taking turns" getting the best view, or the best camera angle, because you are not sharing that view. It is perfect!

3. Watching the sunset from the Savannah. Sunsets are best viewed with a Sundowner (a cocktail) in your hand, hors d'oeuvres on a small table outside of the vehicle, while enjoying the growing silence. What an incredible luxury, having cocktails on the Savannah while the sun sets! Yes, it is as wonderful as it sounds!

4. Take your photo opportunities when they come! Always, always have a camera ready to shoot! Be ready. You will miss a lot if your camera isn't ready to go.

Photo Credit: Randy Minton

5. Finally, you must not miss the Big 5, though there is never a guarantee. The Big 5 are Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Cape Buffalo. Having a great guide is the best way to make sure you have every chance possible to see these awe inspiring animals, many of which are endangered. It is just impossible to express the feeling you get when you quietly pull up in the middle of a herd, or a pride of lions. Just....incredible. Breath-taking. Exciting.

Smile! Photo Credit: Randy Minton

Going on an African Safari is always a thrilling adventure. I have done safaris in the African winter, when the foliage isn't thick, and the animals are easier to see. So....when do we leave?