5 Things You Need To Know About Queefing (Yes, 'Vagina Farts')

It's totally normal.

We've all talked about queefing among our girlfriends at some point, but what's really going on in your body?

Queefing, also known as "vagina farts," is completely normal and it happens when trapped air gets pushed out of the vagina like a regular fart, reports Women's Health.

"The vagina isn't a straight tube. It has folds called rugae that are like wrinkles. One can imagine how air could get trapped there," Yale clinical professor Mary Jane Minkin tells the magazine. "It can happen during any position and is usually fairly quick."

In the video above, Cheyenne of YouTube channel Do It, Gurl tells us even more interesting things we need to know about queefing.

From when women queef the most (it has to do with intercourse) to how there's really nothing you can do to stop them, these are some of the most common questions women have. And if you are queefing without having sex, relax, it's completely natural.

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