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5 Things Your Wedding Planner Wishes She Could Tell You

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1. Keep it simple. Let your planner know at your first meeting what you want in order to create your kick-ass wedding.

2. If your planner is a true professional you will have to trust them. They spend a lot of time setting and keeping up with the latest trends of the industry.

3. No one comes to a wedding planner and says, "Spend ALL my money please". Whether you have a million bucks or a $50,000 budget, your wedding planner should be looking out for your best interests and should not except any kick backs.

4.You are not their only client. However, they do stay up all night thinking about ideas for your wedding. Remember: entrepreneurs are the CEO and dishwasher of their business and yet, their clients always take top priority.

5. Last tip: pretty please with sugar on top, communicate clearly. There will be thousands of details for your wedding. Send one email per day with 99 questions, rather than 99 emails a day with one question. Efficiency is a win-win for everyone.

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