5 Thrilling Activities That Will Convince You to Vacation in Costa Rica

If you're looking for heart-thumping adventure and want to experience that sudden rush of adrenaline, then Costa Rica is the right place for you!
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If you're looking for heart-thumping adventure and want to experience that sudden rush of adrenaline, then Costa Rica is the right place for you! Having a taste of adventure still remains one of the reasons why you should visit Costa Rica.

The exquisite wonders of Costa Rica span from the lush rainforests to the imposing volcanoes and awe-inspiring coastlines. Every inch of Costa Rica promises to give you the very best of tropical adventures.

Costa Rica is home to over 60 volcanoes, rich biodiversity and breath-taking beaches. It has been widely recognized as the ideal location for "adrenaline junkies".

This gives adventure lovers the option to engage in thrilling activities like hiking, surfing, whitewater rafting, zip lining, scuba diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica's finest touristic attractions. So sit back and enjoy the ride as I take you through the adventures Costa Rica has to offer.

1. White Water Rafting In Pacuare River


Pacuare is the real definition of beauty. The Pacuare River or Río Pacuare is a 108 kilometer river which flows into the Caribbean ocean. The river is popularly known to be a suitable spot for river boarding, white water kayaking and while water rafting.

Usually, the Pacuare River is not known to be a challenging river to raft through, but the presence of rapids makes rafting on the River very exciting. While white water rafting on the Pacuare River, you'll experience the rush and ebb as you pass through the 52 rapids on the river.

As the raft starts slowing down, you'll be able to soak in the striking presence of the Huacas waterfall as it crashes into the river. The Pacuare River is surrounded by tropical rainforests and exotic wildlife, thereby giving you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and do some wildlife spotting while kayaking.

2. Walking On The Hanging Bridge In Arenal


If you're feeling extremely adventurous then make sure you stop by the Arenal Hanging Bridges in at Mistico Park. Arenal is the home of 15 hanging bridges each one giving an exhilarating view of the rainforests and the Arenal Volcano.

I must warn you, the hanging bridge is not for the faint-hearted. The bridge is several meters above the ground but from that height the aerial view is impressive and totally worth seeing.

The rainforests that stretch for miles, the exotic wildlife as they move through their natural habitat and the adrenaline rush that comes from standing on that bridge make it a moment to remember.

3. Surfing At Manuel Antonio National Park


When the water is just right for surfing, make Manuel Antonio National Park your the next stop. The white sandy beaches surrounded by miles of juggle make this a unique scenery. In fact, Forbes lists Manuel Antonio as one of the world's most beautiful national parks.


For adventure seekers, you can roll the Costa Rican waves in Manuel Antonio. As the waves move high and fast, you'll be able to watch the breathtaking treasures of the rainforests and enjoy the sight of the beach extend for miles in the horizon as you surf on the wave. Don't let the striking magnificence knock you off your surfboard.

4. Scuba diving and snorkeling in Osa Peninsula


Ready to dive into the next adventure? You'll need some special gear for this one. As impressive as Costa Rica is above the water, it's also amazing under the water. The Caño Island Biological Reserve on Osa Peninsula is known to be an ideal location for scuba diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica.

As you plunge in the water, you'll be welcomed by a multitude of marine life. It's exhilarating when the little fish flutter past you as you soak in the experience. The colors under the water will take your breath away. The coral reefs in their amazing shapes and sizes make the underwater scenery one to remember.

5. Zip line and hike in Monteverde Cloud Forest


Ever heard of the clouds descending upon the earth? Well, in Monteverde Cloud Forest you'll experience just that. The clouds literally hang upon the forest canopy. Hop on board one of the zip lines and enjoy the different vantage points in Monteverde Cloud Forest. This gives you the opportunity to fly through and see the forest in a way that you've never experienced before.

Just like in Arenal, Monteverde Cloud Forest has suspension bridges on which you can walk on and experience the thrill of the whole experience. Go for a hike in the forest and allow yourself to fall in love with the Costa Rican nature and wildlife.

They life is short so we better live to the fullest. I say; life is short so you better go to Costa Rica!

Here's to making that Trip!