5 Tips For a More Organized Work-Space and a More Productive Work Life

Although most people look at reorganizing as a task that has to take a significant amount of time, it does not! You can take it one step at a time, tackling one specific area of your workspace at a time.
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Getting organized is tough when it's something that is very alien to you. According to Kamil Kowalkowski, Co-Owner of King of Maids, it costs you less to get up and to reorganize than it does to lose money in an attempt to get things done in a chaotic environment.

Although most people look at reorganizing as a task that has to take a significant amount of time, it does not! You can take it one step at a time, tackling one specific area of your workspace at a time. Whether you work in an office or work from home, there are great ways to maintain an organized work environment, while creating a productive workspace that will allow you to excel.

Set Your Goals:


How exactly does setting goals help you to excel at organizing your workspace?

Well, for one, everyone works differently. Ever heard of organized chaos? Some people thrive in chaotic, but organized (for them, respectively) environments. Moving anything around will send them spinning out of control, because they have a system that works for them. By setting goals, in this case, I am referring to taking the time to understand the system that works for you.

Your office may not need to be completely sparkling clean to work for you, on the contrary, it may derail you.

Understand your productivity goals as it comes to creating an environment that works for you.

Get Rid of Everything That No Longer Matters:


Clear your workspace by getting rid of things that you no longer need, or that you have not used in a while, in order to be able to save time that could be better spent actually getting things done. Sometimes we spend so much time shuffling through things that simply do not matter because what we actually need is buried under a pile of stuff that does not matter. It costs us time, money, and a lot of productivity points.

Learn to get rid of things that you know you no longer need, the minute you no longer need them. That includes emails, paperwork, etc.

Set Clear Zones:


Because I work from home, it took me a little bit of time to understand that without clear zones, I will never be productive. As a mom, I believed that one of the perks of being able to work from home, should be more time with my kids, and so I did not set limits early enough.

Setting clear work zones helps to avoid distractions, yes, but it also helps you to remain organized. I.E not searching for important work documents in your daughter's nursery, and other such unnecessary and time-consuming fool errands.

Your workspace should be your workspace, meaning that your work should never leave that environment.

LabelMakers Are Awesome:

A good label maker will be your best friend as you begin your journey to a more organized life. And for those who thrive in organized chaos, it is a must have!

Label everything that will be used to store your necessities, it will remind you to place things where they go, rather than simply tossing items around randomly.

3 Awesome Label Makers For a More Organized Life:

  • Brother P-Touch D210

  • DYMO Rhino Industrial 4200
  • Epson LW-300
  • For a more detailed list for a great label maker, check out this insightful post from LifeHacker!

    Organize Your Digital Life:


    Staying organized is no longer simply about keeping your physical workspace organized, we now have to keep our digital workspaces organized as well. I love these tips from Paradigm Next for a more organized virtual workspace.

    • Clean Up Your Default Desktop

  • Embrace a Filing System
  • Get Creative With Your Files, Tasks, and Projects
  • Save Your Screenshots Elsewhere
  • Utilize Available Tools
  • Getting organized does not happen overnight, it is a process. One that takes time and patience. What are some of the ways that you keep your workspace more organized?

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