5 Tips For Better Productivity Without Sacrificing Time Or Money

I want simplicity in a world where the word "Simple" is not appreciated or utilized. We are expected to use the most effective, diverse, digitally updated versions of EVERYTHING in our homes, work, and relationships. I understand the importance of just "sitting still" and reflecting as well as getting up and "doing something" but the most stable space is somewhere in between where you garner the strength and passion to move forward smartly and with a purpose.

I have purpose, passion and a plan but with complexities of life slinging obligations, appointments, and deadlines in my path I lose focus far too quickly and find a daily to do list impossible. It is far too naïve to say slow down and all matters will resolve themselves. Life does not work that way but there is a way to learn how to slow down and still accomplish all that one has set up to do and make sure it is done well and within your financial threshold. Here are 5 small yet effective changes that can bring about massive results in slowing down the madness and the money so you can be a more productive person.

Meditation is the state of deep peace when one's mind is calm and silent. The mind is free of scattered thoughts and the art of meditation develops ones clarity, concentration, and emotional positivity. Heck, there is even an app for it! More like quite a few with soothing sounds and calming visuals to bring you to that point of calm. Once you master or even begin incorporating meditation into your daily routine clearer thoughts invade your chaotic world and allow you to process daily tasks and needs.

New to meditating? Try Meditating for beginners

It is a time for self when most of us claim that time during expensive getaways, spa treatments, or even excessive shopping. Meditating is a far less expensive self-rewarding moment in time that gives you the pleasure you crave when stress has taken over. A great time for meditation would be first thing in the morning when you wake up, before you allow the intrusions of the day to take over. A break in the day with meditating can bring your focus back too if you find the pandemonium seeping into your core. Whenever you choose to take that time to yourself, use it and fill a need that may have once been filled by material things.

Go Back to Pen & Paper for Planning

Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops are taking over the need for pen and paper. They are amazing and make life faster and more assessable but as many have found in recent years, it can be a failed attempt at what was simple and really worked for some! In a past life I carried around my trusty 2 year planner with my life inside from doctor appointments to future goals. Just like many, I ditched that calendar for my trusty phone and as it helped to some degree it was not as lasting or quick as my planner used to be. Yes, it is accessible but I would forget it just as quickly as I booked it. No lasting tie as it is when I write it down. You see, a paper planned appointment is easier to find by simply turning to the page on the calendar and referencing what you need.

Here's one of my favorite planner: Sugar Paper Planner 2016

Paper planners are quick to get into, easy to use and accessing the note function on my phone needs me pulling out the stylus, finding the application, opening it, writing it, saving it, and giving it a title. Halfway through and I am unnerved by the steps! Also, the act of writing it down stays with me. Planners come in all types from blogging to business and one can find a reasonably priced one that serves just as much as a journal with note sections and day to day agendas. I have two. One for everyday projects that get me through my days and of course my editorial blogging planner that keeps my blog fresh, forward-thinking, and focused. Neither cost me over $18 and I have never been more connected to what was going on since I had my 2 year planner.

Enlist in Natural oils, plants, and herbs

From beauty to hair to body, there are products littering the shelves of every department store grabbing at your wallet. You can buy a product for anything and everything and do you really need all that? I have de-cluttered my bathroom long ago by going old school or natural with my beauty and body regimen. I use natural oils like coconut, jojoba, and lavender for every day rituals from cleansing my face to conditioning my hair and body and my body has responded with less rashes, breakouts, and allergies.

Love me some natural oils and my favorite is Lavender oil

From my spray bottle of distilled water and lavender oil to spritz my hair in the morning to my clay mask to detox my skin, natural is often cheaper when you get it straight and not already added to a product. Amazon.com is my best friend for my oils, herbs, and clays and the money I save by creating my own concoctions is astronomical. The real trophy, however, is knowing I am recruiting nature into my daily routine.

Embrace DIY

DIY can be big business but just as it suggests you are doing it for yourself so it can be less expensive than buying commercial. DIY can range from building a deck to simply creating a beauty product with your own two hands and raw materials. Don't get overwhelmed by going for something complex but rather try something small to test the waters. My first and simplest DIY (I still use today) is my lavender water mix for spritzing my hair and toning my face in the morning.

My favorite body scrub when I don't mind spending money: Favorite body scrub

I have since made conditioning sprays, tea rinses, coffee rinses, and even body scrubs but just a simple 2 part DIY refresher spray was all it took to bring me into the fold. The money I save is unbelievable and as products rise in prices it is smart to find new ways to have what you need and want for less.

Not using it? Then lose it!

How many of us are paying monthly bills for products or services we are not using? We forget we have it or swear we are going to use it. Most of the time it is not true so that gym membership or shopping website that you have on automatic billing may be sucking money out of your wallet as you forget it exists and that bill will stay on there forever. That is money wasted that could be saved or used for something you actually need, use or want. It is easy to just set it up but maybe it's time to evaluate what you really need and de-clutter it from your expenses.

Not sure what those expense may be? Start checking monthly if you use that service and if you do not for two months in a row ditch it! It may be more practical to buy the service on a as need basis and save months of billing cycles.

Five simple changes can bring back money to your wallet, time, and simplicity to your everyday living. More often than not it is the smallest of changes that bring about mountainous results.
Sabrina from www.seriouslynatural.org