5 Tips For Developing Compelling Content

A common excuse for not blogging is "I have nothing to blog about." However, if you run a business and cater to a customer base you do have something to talk about! It might take a bit of creativity and thinking outside of the box, but the content is there. Here are five tips to get your creative juices flowing.

1.) Focus On Industry Specific Information: The easiest place to start generating content is to produce information specific to your industry. What are the trends, controversies, or new news in your industry? What are common questions and concerns that you hear from your customers? I came up with the idea for this post because so many people who follow my blog, The Modern Mompreneur, asked me how I come up with new ideas to write about.

2.) Brainstorm Complimentary Industries: Identify your target audience and then brainstorm industries outside of your own that are relevant to your audience. My business, Kidville Bethesda, is focused on kids activities, so much of the content that we produce is related to kids. However, we also blog consistently about recipes, fitness, and lifestyle tips that are of interest to the moms we target.

3.) Get Creative: Is there an upcoming holiday, event, movie, book, or day that you could write about and tie to your business and target audience? Lately you have likely seen several business articles tied to the World Cup. I've written a blog post about my "Go-To Happy Song Playlist" on the International Day of Happiness, Super Bowl activities for kids the week of the Super Bowl, and offered a recap of Arianna Huffington's book Thrive around the time of her book release. Get creative and leverage events, holidays, and news to develop new ideas.

4.) Read Up: Follow influencers on social media and browse publications relevant to your industry. Often times reading industry specific information and others' blogs will spark ideas for your own blogging topics. Additionally, if you are up to date on the latest trends, controversies, and news you will consistently come across new topics to blog about.

5.) Keep It Simple: Finally, not everything you post on your blog needs to be a lengthy, original masterpiece. Sometimes short and sweet lists and sharing other people's content is just as effective. One of my most popular posts is the Weekly Roundup, a weekly post that features 5 of my favorite articles from the week. Every week I am already scanning multiple sites for compelling content which I then post on my various social media channels. This blog post simply compiles these articles into one place for my readers. It is easy for me to put together, valuable for my readers, and a formula that provides consistent, compelling content. Are there lists or recommendations that you can provide to your audience (favorite recipes, travel spots, electronics, industry publications)?

Review these ideas, brainstorm 25 blog post ideas, and start writing! Happy blogging!

Anjali Varma is "The Modern Mompreneur", her site and YouTube channel provide entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and parenting tips for the modern mom. She is also the owner of Kidville Bethesda, an enrichment facility that offers classes, retail, haircuts, and birthday parties for newborns - 6 years old.