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5 Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions

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​We've all begun new years in the past with aspiring resolutions, but often haven't been able to see them through. It's probably not because we were lazy or unfocused, but because our priorities changed as the year progressed and we put our original goals on the back-burner. But this year, we want to change that; we want to achieve all of our goals. So here are a few tips to help keep you on track to fulfilling your resolutions:

1. Write it Down!
Seeing your resolution clearly articulated in ink, on paper can have a tremendous effect on your feeling of commitment to it. Or, type it out on your laptop or smartphone's version of sticky notes so that you'll see daily when you turn your device on.

2. Tell a Friend

By confiding your resolution in a friend, you'll make it seem more concrete. After having told someone, you'll probably feel obligated to seeing your goal through, and that could be a really motivating factor that can help you to keep your resolution.

3. Set Mini-Goals

To help you achieve your main resolution, it's wise to set realistic, attainable mini-goals that will allow you to visualize your progress. And with smaller goals, you'll be to feel less overwhelmed by the whole and instead realize that, with a solid plan, your resolution is definitely possible.

4. Positive Reminders

It's also a good idea to constantly remind yourself of why you set your heart out to achieve a particular goal. You could write those reasons down, visualize them, or just think about the initial moment when you decided to make a change and why you're going to stick it out.

5. Reward Yourself

Periodically reward yourself for a job well done! Each time you complete a mini-goal, go out and treat yourself! It doesn't necessarily have to be a splurge; it could be something to help take you through the next phase, like a new sports bra or water bottle. Positive reinforcement can do wonders in keeping you on track.

There's still plenty of time to get back on track with those resolutions, so take a moment right now to review them and make a game plan for how you'll achieve greatness using these five simple steps. Now's the time to double-down so you can really make 2015 the year of #NoExcuses!