5 Tips For Keeping Your Energy Clear

White Sage
White Sage

Everybody loves the feeling of a good vibe. And our vibe literally attracts our experience in the world; what we put out there affects the quality of our friendships, romantic relationships, and abundance levels. That’s why keeping our energy clear and positive is so important for our wellness.

Here’s some quick tips on how to do it:

1) Have a dance party with yourself

As we let ourselves move through dance, we release the limitations and judgement we place on ourselves, and it becomes ok to be who we are and how we are.

In your room, clear a spot to dance. Put on your favourite playlist and let your body go. Explore different parts of your room and let yourself move uninhibited. Jump, stretch, incorporate yoga or exercise moves if you feel called. Your only job is to let yourself go, celebrate, and get your body energized through dance. Any time you want to stop and judge yourself, breathe and say, “I am free to move how I wish. I love my body and I let it dance.” Then, keep going!

You’ll be amazed at how good you feel after 10 mins of this!

2) Smudge yourself

Smudging is a Native American technique for clearing energies that will help cleanse your personal energy field.

Different herbs can be used for smudging. A common one is dried white sage, but you can also use palo santo or sweetgrass. Gather the following tools: your herb for smudging, a lighter or matches, a fireproof container, and (optional) a feather. Set an intention for yourself on what you would like to release. An example is: “Dear Sage, please help me clear my energies so that I am purified and free.” Light the sage, wait a few seconds, and then blow it out. It should begin smoking. With your hand or the feather, start at your feet and guide the smoke up the front of your body and then down your back. Don’t forget to include under your feet to complete the loop! Leave the smudge in sight in its fireproof container until it burns itself out.

3) Do a breathing exercise

Breath is a powerful tool for renewing our cells and stilling our mind. It brings life force back into our bodies and can help us listen inwards to our natural rhythm.

Lie down on your bed on your back. Set an alarm for five minutes to ensure you don’t need to worry about time. Slowly close your eyelids until you can see only a crack of light. Keep them this way for the duration of the exercise. Next, inhale from deep within your belly and count to ten. Then exhale slowly, counting to ten again. If you’re having trouble making it up to ten, on your next inhale, try breathing from deeper in your belly. Continue inhaling and exhaling until the alarm goes off. If your mind wanders off to a thought, it’s ok. Simply notice that it happened and then bring your attention back to the breath and counting. This exercise will help refresh your mind!

4) Connect with nature

In cities, we always rush, rush, rush, and burn ourselves out. But nature doesn’t rush. That’s why it’s so important to reconnect to the natural rhythm of the world at least twice a week.

First, find a park or a body of water where you can walk quietly for at least ten minutes. Of course, please keep safety in mind if you are in a less populated area or it is night. As you walk, notice the beauty of the trees around you and your feet being supported by the Earth. Dirt paths or beach sand are best if possible, as the concrete keeps us a little bit away from a direct connection to the natural and nourishing surface of the earth.

Next, find a nice spot to stretch, sit down, and let your tailbone connect with the Earth. This is the simplest way to “root” back into your body and being. Imagine your tailbone is a root. Start by letting the Earth drain your stress through that root, deep into the ground. Then, picturing the way a plant draws fresh water from the soil, draw light and nourishment up through your tailbone into your body. Then thank the Earth for her help.

5) See the positive side in whatever has been troubling you.

If you’re feeling down, try redirecting your focus to what you do want in your life, rather than what you don’t want.

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center of it. On the left side, write all the feelings you are experiencing right now that are troubling you. Then on the right side of the paper, list the opposite of each of those feelings. For example, if you wrote on the left side of the page that you are feeling sad and unsupported, on the right side you might list feeling joyful and supported by others. Now practice imagining what that would that kind of joy and abundance would look like and how it would feel. Focus on how it would feel in your body. This way your body will begin to learn that feeling, and the more you focus on it, with patience and time, the more your body will be able to bring it into your life!

I would love to hear how it goes for you!

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