5 Tips For Starting A Successful Mom Blog

If you are afraid to start a mom blog because you can't post new content 4 days a week, hear me out! There is no rule that says in order to be successful you have to post a ton of content all the time.
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Mom blogs [or dad/parenting blogs] are fantastic resources full of tips, parenting hacks, frugal practices, and more than a few laughs. Have you always read mom blogs and thought to yourself "hey, this is totally something I would rock at?" Well guess what? You WILL rock at mommy blogging and here's how!

5 Tips For Starting A Successful Mom Blog:

1. Figure out your reasons for mommy blogging
Why do you want to start a mom blog? Before you actually start writing, figure out why this is something you want to do. Do you want this blog to be a way for far-away friends and family to keep up with you? Are you looking to eventually make money off this blog? Do you simply want to share your funny stories and parenting hacks with your fellow moms and dads? Whatever your motive, figure out your reasons before getting started!


2. Choose your focus
Sure, you can write on everything under the sun and that is totally cool. If you are looking to start a successful mom blog that will eventually take off, you need to have a focus. Do you want to show other moms that no one leads a perfect life and everyone has crazy days some of the time? Do you want to become a resource for other parents with special needs kids? Are you looking to impart your wisdom on couponing on the rest of the world? Having a focus doesn't mean you can't write on other topics....it just means you shouldn't be all over the place!

3. Practice your writing skills
All of us have a secret writer in us just waiting to come out! Just like going to the gym or playing the piano, writing is a skill that needs to be practiced. Consider the voice you want to use, your personal style, and various writing techniques. For example, figures of speech are important to employ in your writing because they allow you to emphasize, embellish, or strengthen your style and make it easier for you to persuade and convince audiences. Sounds just like parenting, doesn't it? These quizzes are an easy and fun way to practice your mom blog writing skills.


4. Post new content on a schedule
If you are afraid to start a mom blog because you can't post new content 4 days a week, hear me out! There is no rule that says in order to be successful you have to post a ton of content all the time. The key to online success is consistency. If you only have the time to post once a week, make it into a big deal so that your followers are excited to read your new post each and every Wednesday. Can't spend time writing posts that are 2000+ words or doing in-depth research on a topic? Easy tips and tricks or a funny event that happened and how you handled it are perfectly acceptable!

5. Do it for yourself
If you don't love mom blogging, you will be unhappy and your followers will sense it. Don't sell out and do things you don't want to do. Don't do it for your PTA friends. Don't do it for your mom. Don't even do it for your significant other. Do it for you and only you because you are passionate about sharing your story with others. When you work with brands, don't sell out and partner with companies that your heart isn't behind. Always remember to blog for yourself first and foremost and others second.


Are you new to mommy blogging? Have you thought about trying? I would love to hear your thoughts below and I'm open to answering any questions I can!

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