5 Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance as a Millennial Entrepreneur Couple

A couple of years ago, my husband and I decided to move from our hometown of Los Angeles to San Diego. We hoped to “get away from it all” and achieve work-life balance as millennial entrepreneurs. The good news is that we did (and still do), here, in Carlsbad, California.

Here are 5 tips that may help you do the same.


Live in a health-conscious community

Does your community have access to quality foods, farmers markets, fruit & veggie box programs, abundant water, offer vegetarian and vegan options? In our case, Carlsbad grows corn, pumpkins, strawberries, and more; along with a top-rated farmers market, a handful of vegan-veg options, and veggie box subscription program we love. Carlsbad also has the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere. Check to see what your city has and find the healthy stuff for a healthy life! Eating healthy makes a difference in life balance.


Spend less time in traffic and less time on your commute

Are you spending most of your life on a freeway? I was definitely doing a lot of that in Los Angeles. Thankfully Carlsbad has much less traffic and great public transportation. Although, I will say that we hardly deal with it as entrepreneurs that work from home; plus our home is right by the ocean. This is such a stress reliever for us and our coastal community at large. Breathe.


Get outdoors and get your Vitamin D

Are you stuck in an office and living in a complete concrete jungle? My husband and I were. Since we moved to Carlsbad, we found that open space - and the ability to hike, to walk, and go to the beach - is essential for unwinding and enjoying life. We’re lucky Carlsbad has near-perfect weather year round and is nearly 40% open space, has a ton of parks, beaches, and 3 lagoons! Make sure to get a little bit of sun!


Find your entrepreneurial community

Are you around your entrepreneur tribe? For us, we subscribe to the online-telecommuting entrepreneur tribe. Gratefully, we're citizens of Carlsbad, a city named Digital Capital of California by Google in 2013! There is an expansive entrepreneur neighborhood which includes the popular Bluewater Crossings work-live lofts, Hera Hub, the Collab Loft, Make, and the Incubate Ventures community. It makes a world of a difference to find the right neighborhood for you!


Spend time with friends and family

Make time to live healthily in the right neighborhood (with your tribe), enjoy the sun, and share it with your loved ones (including that cute pup of yours)! It makes life that much more amazing!


You and your partner deserve to achieve work-life balance. Make it happen. Your life is waiting - perhaps in Carlsbad, California.