5 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts

Email marketing can be a tough nut to crack, especially if you haven't done any of it all. I was skeptical at first, too, but then I realized that I don't necessarily have to connect with my email subscribers only as a means to an end. If anything, I can continue to build my community through my email list, a more connected community.

I'm sure that there are numerous bloggers blogging on daily basis about the ins and outs of email marketing, even here on Huff we've got several columnists writing about their experiences of email marketing, both good and bad.


The difference between cold emailing, and actually building a legitimate email list is that with your legitimate list, you're going to be building a community around; while cold emailing only works as a means to an end. Give and get principle. If you're looking to seriously boost your email marketing results, then give some of the following tips a try.

Treat Your Best Subscribers

Email marketing is a data-driven way of marketing, the more data you've gathered about your subscribers - the more tailored choices you're able to give to them. For example, out of your 1,000 subscribers, only 100 have opened, and clicked on your links in the email you sent.

Why not treat this special bunch to a special offer? It only makes sense, as giving these subscribers discounts is only going to increase their loyalty down the road.

Positive Popups

I've never been a fan of popup-marketing, simply because I didn't have good experiences with it when I started, but recently there have been some notable tools enter the market (think: OptinMonster, Pippity, SumoMe), all of which provide tools necessary to build user-friendly email popups!

Popup Ads have shown me that I can provide great quality content, and also collect an email address of a visitor when the time is right. Many of the new email marketing tools come equipped with smart algorithms that can capture an email address of even the most rare users.

(no subject)

Have you experimented with subject lines recently? Do you ever receive emails that don't have a subject line, like ever? Well, a study has confirmed that there is a significant increase in open-rate of emails that don't posses a subject line - most likely because the email client is then displaying the direct contents of the email: Hello Name, blah blah.

It's, then, much easier to see what the email contains, unlike using a traditional subject line like 'Hi.', or 'Sorry for bothering you.'. Try using no subject lines for a few emails (perhaps cold ones...), and see what it does to your conversions!


If you think that every single email subscribers remembers everything about you, and your business - then you're terrible wrong. People signup for all kinds of services, often on frequent basis, and it's rare to see a list of 25,000 email subscribers; where every single person is in sync with your latest.

For that reason alone, it can be really helpful to email out reminders to your subscribers, letting them know that you're still alive and well, which will only increase the exposure of your own products, or just content that you're producing.



Yes, using a postscript at the end of email can prove to be a very good place to put actionable calls. I mean, quite often the postscript part is where we inject something we didn't want to talk about in our initial letter, so if you're looking to boost some sales to older products, or just want to raise awareness - use a postscript at the end of your emails, and let the magic happen.