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5 Tips To Help You Throw Your Child A Budget-Friendly But Unforgettable Graduation Party

Graduation season is fast approaching and families with soon to be graduates are already planning for their senior's big day.
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Graduation season is fast approaching and families with soon to be graduates are already planning for their senior's big day. If you're one of the proud parents who wanted to throw the best graduation party for your hard working child, here are five ways you can give them an entertaining and memorable bash without breaking the bank.

1. Host the party at home.

Renting an exclusive banquet hall or a restaurant will be more expensive because of the space you'll rent for a number of hours. On top of that, you'll also be forced to get a caterer or get food from the restaurant itself which we all know is way more costly than getting food cooked from your own kitchen. So host the bash at the comfort of your own home to keep costs at bay. Let everyone who'll join the party bring their preferred dishes for a potluck or prepare the food you wish to serve.

2. Stick to digital for invites.

Sure, not everyone will be computer-savvy but it's highly likely that your children's classmates and other guests are on Facebook. So create an event through the social networking app then send the invites to everyone to know the possible headcount. For family members who aren't on Facebook, create a number of personalized and DIY invitations to send just for them.

3. Call reinforcements.

Spread the workload to other members of your family. Have your other children do the decor, arrangement of chairs and tables, food preparation, etc. Call other mom friends within your neighborhood and see if they'll be willing to lend a hand. If you have family members who live close to your home and they're willing to lend their time and skills, accept their offer without hesitation.

4. Scour the internet for decor ideas.

Set a budget for the decor first. Once you know the budget you have to work on, find a theme that will suit your graduate's personality and is workable within the budget you've set, too. The internet offers unlimited resources when it comes to grad party ideas and themes, so find time to research online as early as possible. DIY decorations never fail to impress but consider the time you have before deciding to go DIY. If you're pressed for time, find other themes that are easy to work with in the venue of the event. Add some personal touch by using your child's photos from when they're young until the present time so they'll feel special and appreciated for their accomplishments.

5. Consider throwing a joint graduation party.

If your child has friends and fellow graduates within your neighborhood, their parents surely want to throw them a bash. It won't hurt to ask them if they'd consider having a joint party with you to cut costs. If they say yes, you got yourself a bigger but less expensive bash. You even have more people to help with the huge workload. It will surely be more exciting, merrier, and unforgettable!

Making a budget-friendly and unforgettable bash is possible. Just keep these money-saving tips in mind and you'll be on your way to making your child feel loved and recognized for their amazing accomplishments.