5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Mind for Optimal Performance

It's almost spring and time for the annual ritual known as spring cleaning. We spring clean in our homes, offices and anywhere else there is clutter. But how many people conduct a mental spring cleaning? That's right, spring is a great time to get mentally organized, otherwise you could be wallowing around unclear about what you want and unsure if you're competent enough to get it.

Think of when your computer slows down and you have to purge some of the files on the hard drive for the system to run at optimal performance; it's the same thing with your mind. Too much information leads to overload which slows you down. That's why spring cleaning is so beneficial.

So how exactly does one take on a spring cleaning of the mind and get mentally organized? Here are some ways to do it.

Become a Master of Time Management
With the busy lives we lead, one of the best techniques is to take control of your time. The key is to use time, rather than allowing time to use you. No one can truly manage time, yet everyone can manage activities. With that in mind, surround yourself with activities you love so you are sure to get the most fulfillment out of the time you have. Average people hate Monday, refer to Wednesday as "hump day" and "Thank God it's Friday." On the other end of the spectrum, champions enjoy it all.

Compartmentalize Your Emotions
Perhaps the greatest spring cleaning trick is compartmentalization of your emotions. This is the ability to manage multiple problems and maintain emotional control while solving each problem individually. Don't get bogged down in every little detail of every little problem and become overwhelmed. While amateurs get tangled in emotions, the pros are grounded in logical problem solving.

Be More Decisive
The problem with indecisiveness is it clogs the mind. Stop being timid and lacking confidence in your own abilities. Instead, become courageous and confident. Learn to make a decision and be fully responsible for the outcome. This means stop procrastinating and playing not to lose. Most mistakes can be corrected. Decision-making skills are like muscles: they can only be built through use.

Seek Solitude
Most champions are aware that, due to their emotional nature, human beings need recovery strategies if they are going to be at their best, day in and day out. One of the best spring cleaning strategies is the act of solitude -- or simply getting away and getting quiet because it creates more space between your thoughts and helps you escape the bondage of excessive cognition. The power of a quiet mind can do wonders on the mind, body and soul. Schedule some time to isolate yourself for 20 to 30 minutes every day for the next week, and take note of how it impacts your ability to think clearly.

Be Driven by Fun
One of the keys to spring cleaning the mind is to have fun. Outsiders see big-time performers as super self-disciplined, self-sacrificing, success-and-achievement machines. Yet a closer look gives a more accurate portrayal of what really drives these people: fun. Do things that encompass your natural talents, abilities, and, most of all, your passions. How much fun are you having in your life? Set time for fun each day and better yet, find a job that you see as fun.

The Benefits
Think of the mind as a moving river, making new inroads every day, therefore requiring never-ending revisions of goals and dreams. If you make a sincere effort to spring clean your mind, you will see many benefits including:

• Reduced procrastination and emotional decision making.
• Improved concentration and ability to compartmentalize.
• Improved ability to prioritize tasks.
• Solving problems through logical thinking.
• Improved overall efficiency.
• Freed of linear thought, paving the way to creative problem solving.
• Reduced stress and increased peace of mind.
• A better work/life balance.

Remember, as memory training specialist Harry Lorayne said, "Thinking clearly and effectively is the greatest asset of any human being."