5 Tools to Help You with Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing likely takes up the bulk of your marketing time. But you can reduce that time through integrating tools within your company. These tools will help you to automate many of your ordinary processes and cut the amount of time you spend on each task. One survey revealed in the next twelve months 98% of companies could be opting for automation software.

Companies are increasingly looking for ways to free up their staff. Third-party tools can form a core part of that. This guide is going to show you the five best tools for helping with your content marketing efforts.

ClearVoice is a way to connect with top writers and content creators. You can segregate writers based on their specialties, your project's budget, and what timeline you're looking at. If you're at the beginning of your content marketing journey and you need to find some great writers this is the way to do it.

This community ensures that only writers who follow best practices are highlighted. You can browse through all the available writers and see which one is right for you. It will take a lot of the hassle and a lot of the guesswork out of finding a great writer.

When Google considers quality content as more important than ever before this is something you absolutely can't compromise on.

Once you have that great content, you need to figure out a way to actually make something of it. There are two major directions you can go in. To begin with, you can opt for engagement. Another option is to monetize. These are two solutions that have their place. And CodeFuel will provide solutions for both of these paths.

CodeFuel is designed to inspire through using cold, hard statistics. You'll find out what sort of content is selling and what users are responding to.

New companies will commonly run up against the problem of wanting to scale a content marketing campaign only to not have the necessary content to do it. This is where Curata comes in. This is a company that will offer two different content marketing solutions. There's content creation software and data-driven content marketing.

Marketers who don't have enough content to market and publish will be able to use Curata to find the best content. It uses a self-learning engine to figure out what you're looking for and how to contextualize its search results. Curata uses thousands of sources to keep new content coming into view.

This content can be harvested and remarketed for the purposes of your brand. This way you can always keep your feed buzzing with new content. You'll also be able to find out what people are responding to, so you'll better be able to make changes to your own created content.


Sometimes you've worked out how to create quality content only to not have the correct distribution channels to get it to the right networks. Outbrain can come in handy for this. This simple platform will put your content alongside other relevant content.

It's a simple pay-to-platform where you pay for each piece of content distributed. Users of this platform have found that it works for amplifying their audience no matter what niche they happen to be in.

Understanding the competition is a key part of being successful within the world of content marketing. If you're wondering which online brands and influencers are getting the most success in your niche, BuzzSumo is for you. You'll find out which content performs best in each space, so there will never be any guesswork as to what you should write about and what you should publish.

To come up with its results it uses a range of social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By giving people what they want at that precise moment you're guaranteed to get more traction for your content marketing campaign.

Last Word - Let Tools Enhance Your Campaign

When novice content marketers look at the tools available to them today they assume that they can easily integrate them and then not pay any attention to their content marketing campaigns. These tools are not going to do the work for you. They're there to support you not to fully automate the process.

These tools are supposed to enhance your campaign, but only if you continue to put the hard work in. These five tools are the best in their fields and they can make your content marketing campaign a success story.

What do you think is the best tool for improving your content marketing campaign today?