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5 Totally Clever Ideas for Unique Wedding Photos

I caught up with a few of my fave people in the wedding world to ask them how brides can get the most unique wedding shot list ideas to capture their entire wedding journey.
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Have you noticed all the wedding photo checklists floating around on Pinterest? They seem a little silly. I mean, you've spent months planning your one-of-a-kind day to reflect your love story, so why take wedding pictures based on a generic list? Especially when it's so easy to personalize your unique wedding shot list!

I caught up with a few of my fave people in the wedding world to ask them how brides can get the most unique wedding shot list ideas to capture their entire wedding journey.

Rather than giving out unoriginal photo ideas, these pros gave me AWESOME advice on moments that most brides never even consider getting on photo or video! I was so impressed by their fresh insight that I created a unique wedding shot list infographic to help with every bride think about the priceless wedding moments that would look great in a custom wedding video!

What pre-wedding or post-wedding moment is most important for you to capture on photo or video?

"Since we will not be having a first look, this will be the first time we are seeing each other on our wedding day, said Vivian Stone, Blogger bride of VivianStonexo. "The vows of our marriage is something I would also love to have on video. With all of the commotion of the day, at this point nothing else will matter because we are finally getting married. That's what I will want to watch years from now."

What wedding planning moment do brides most often forget to photograph?

"So often the bride forgets to make sure when the photographer is getting a full room shot before anyone enters that the candles need to be lit on the tables," exclaimed Event Planning Expert of A Magical Affair, Courtney Hammons. "Photographers miss it all the time as well!"

What unique wedding entertainment moments do brides most often forget to capture on video or photos?

"It's not so much that brides and grooms have unique wedding entertainment activities that they forget to photograph as that they forget to leave room for the photographer to capture all those unique events", muses GigMasters Wedding Editor, Marta Segal Block. "So many of the fun and unique things that happen at a wedding are spontaneous. When the flower girl cuts in to the first dance, when the Best Man gets choked up during his toast, when the long divorced parents of the bride share a quiet moment on the dance floor. You can't see everything that happens at your wedding. If you schedule your photographer's every minute, or keep him tied to your side, you miss your chance to see some of the most special moments."

Meghan's wedding planner at Aribella Events coordinated a pre-wedding bus tour of Philadelphia:

Let's face it, any ordinary wedding band can play a first dance, and we do them too, but if the couple are good sports, then at a Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos wedding, we try to do something extra special," said Mark Weiser of Shake Rattle and Roll Pianos. "Perhaps it's lining all the bridal party for a game of Hokey Pokey...or putting the bride and groom in chairs for a game of "My Bonnie", where every time we say a word that starts with "B", they alternate standing and sitting. All of these are examples of "call downs", which at a Dueling Pianos show, is when you bring someone up to the stage for a playful spotlight moment in front of the crowd. They always make for unique, memorable video moments that you'll never see at other kinds of weddings."

Now that you've got some photo and video tips from the pros, be sure to ask yourself these 5 questions to get your most personalized and unique wedding shot list:

Still need help getting started on your photo ideas? No worries, just check this wedding day photo checklist - just promise to keep it original :)

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