5 Travel Health Hacks Too Cool to Resist

IV drips and brainwave devices for travel? While these may seem like treatments and contraptions for the future, you can access all of these now. Traveling can be stressful on the body and, according to RX for Travel Health, a notable 63% of travelers state that they or a travel companion have gotten sick while on vacation. Check out some of the latest and greatest to keep healthy and fit during your travels.

1) Cryotherapy

A favorite of Tony Robbins and world-class athletes, cryotherapy exposes the body to -100 degree Celsius temperatures for up to three minutes. Most people use cryotherapy for muscle recovery after a long workout but the treatment is also recommended for travelers thanks to its immunity-boosting benefits and ability to boost circulation. Cryotherapy is also a great post-travel treatment that helps reduce the inflammation and swelling side effects of long-distance travel. A few cryo “hot spots” across the country include Los Angeles’ Next Health Chicago’s CryoBar and Kryolife in NYC.

2) Delta Wave Devices

Jet lag got you up late? Everyone knows a good night’s rest is essential for your health. If you’re wary of sleeping pills, a device that mimics delta waves can be a game changer. Delta waves were discovered in the early 1900’s as the brain waves associated with deep sleep and relaxation. Devices like the SomniResonance® SR1 deliver a weak pulsing electromagnetic signal, safely encouraging the brain to fall asleep. According to Michael of :D Sleep, “It’s perfect for travelers who alter their normal sleep patterns from changing time zones and require that precious, rejuvenating sleep.”

2) IV Nutrient Therapy

Worth the prick? IV therapy is clinically proven as one of the most effective ways to supply your body with nutrients. Unlike supplements that risk low absorption through the intestinal tract, IV therapy provides nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Wendi of NextHealth recommends a vitamin boost and glutathione prior to travel, which Next Health includes along with Cryotherapy and supplements as part of their Travel Package. According to Wendi, “Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that plays a crucial role in the immune system and the body’s natural detoxification processes. It is imperative to head into a trip with a fully nourished body and nicely equipped immune system.”

4) Smart Probiotics

Ok so probiotics aren’t very “cool” but getting sick on vacation is even less cool. Did you know that 80% of your immune system is in your gut? Thanks to technological advances in recent years, probiotic strains and their absorption capacities are moving beyond your standard cup of yogurt. Probiotics help break down your food for absorption, ward off viruses and are quickly becoming a mainstay for travelers looking to stay healthy on the road. When choosing a probiotic, opt for variety over quantity. Every body is different and your body may reject one strain entirely. Unless you take a gut test to determine your probiotic make up, a multi-strain probiotic is best to ensure your body benefits from at least one of the strains.

5) UV Trackers

Wrinkles aside, one in every three cancers diagnosed is a skin cancer. If your travel plans include anything outdoors from exotic beaches to extreme adventures, the sun is not your friend. Most of us are smart enough to slather on sunscreen at the beach, however, few of us realize a thin ozone spot or even high altitude in the coldest cities can put us at risk. Monitoring UV exposure is crucial in avoiding sun damage and skin cancer. While there are plenty of UV trackers to choose from, La Roche-Posay’s wearable patch is the sleekest by a landslide and free with any Anthelios purchase.

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