5 Truths In Having A Loving Relationship With Yourself

Here are five truths you may discover in having a more loving relationship with yourself:
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Over the years, I've come to understand the significance the relationship with myself is -- that indeed it's the most important relationship I have!

I can happily say I have a stronger, healthier, more fulfilling relationship with myself than ever before.

But for the longest time, this wasn't the case. I didn't treat myself with love and care. I'd emotionally devalue myself, and engage in negative self-talk that wasn't healthy. Usually, that I wasn't enough of something: not smart enough, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not successful enough. I'd compare and measure myself up against everyone else; what I was lacking or missing out on in life.

Also, I didn't always trust myself either. I'd rely on what everyone else thought and would constantly get everyone's opinions on something before I'd make a decision. I had zero confidence in my own wisdom.

With the constant comparing and inability to listen to my inner voice, I came to realize I didn't know what true happiness was for me. Mainly, because I was too reliant on others versus listening to and focusing on the most important person - me!

Once I had this awareness, I started to develop a stronger, more loving relationship with myself and because of it, my life greatly improved! I did this by being present with the path I was on, getting clear on what was truly important to me, and gaining confidence in making and owning my decisions.

Could you develop a stronger relationship with yourself?

Here are five truths you may discover in having a more loving relationship with yourself:

1. You'll feel in control.
Gone will be the days when you aren't sure about what you're doing or why. You'll steer the ship when it comes to the thoughts you have, the emotions that result from those beliefs, and the actions you take in life. It's really all up to you! No one else.

2. You'll trust yourself.
You may find that you no longer call all your friends and family when you have something to decide. You'll know that you have the best answers within yourself.

3. Your confidence will grow.
Once you listen to your heart and trust yourself, you'll feel a new sense of confidence that will energize you. This confidence will help you soar to new heights!

4. You'll accept yourself.
When you're really loving yourself, you'll love everything that makes you YOU, and even accept your limitations and know that just because they exist you are no less than anyone else.

5. Your relationships with others will improve.
Having a strong relationship with yourself can only lead to stronger, more fulfilling relationships with others; because so much love is within yourself, you'll have so much love to give, and to receive.

What are some ways you could nurture the relationship with yourself more and make it stronger than ever? Share below!

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