5 Types Of Guys You See At Work

Ah, the office. For those with a good ol' 9-5, there are specific kinds of dudes you are bound to come across. You see these guys day in and day out, and spend way too many hours with them than you do with the actual outside world. Let's take a step out of the cubicle and take a look at five types of guys you see at work.

The Creepy Old Timer
He might be your boss. He might be your boss's boss. He might just be a guy in the mail room who's been working in the mail room the past 20 years. But this is the key part: he is creepy. He'll give you what HR refers to as "elevator eyes" and compliment you waaaay too much. Why can't the office hottie do these things?!
Annoying Rating: 10/10

The New Grad: This youngster is fresh on the block with his diploma in hand. This is probably his first "big boy" job (besides his internship) so he's very willing to learn and eager to do his best at the job. The job that you so hate. *Eye roll*
Annoying Rating: 8/10

The Office Hottie
Everyone has a crush on this guy. Even the other guys in the office know that he has this title. He dresses sharp, is super nice and all the girls are dying for him to finally join them on happy hour. But he probably has a girlfriend. Or he's hitting up all the girls in the office. Or both. Walk away.
Annoying Rating: 6/10

The Bestie
Hopefully you don't crush on this guy at first. Once you have lunch together a few times outside of work, he'll be your go-to for office drama. Plus, you two can chat about all your work crushes.
Annoying Rating: 2/10

The Random Work Crush
So there is always at least one guy in the office who, if we saw in everyday normal life, we probably wouldn't be attracted to whatsoever. But when you spend many hours, multiple days a week with the same people, you're bound to start going outside of your "type." These crushes might actually be the best since it's probably this dude's personality that's caught you more than his looks. Or maybe you have no other guys in your office but weirdo Bob. In which case, I'm sorry.
Annoying Rating: 5/10