5 Types of Guys You See at the Grocery Store

You never know where you'll meet your next ex-beau. It could be during a simple, mundane task such as grocery shopping. Orrrrr you can just keep your distance and observe. We hear about all sorts of love and all sorts of breakups - after all, moving on is what our site is all about! Here are a few types of guys we're sure you've bumped into once or twice while picking up ingredients for that night's dinner. Check out this video that explains it all.

The Chef:
You can hardly recognize or pronounce half of the items in his basket. Fresh produce, lots of small containers, and no list in hand. You shamefully cover your basket of Diet Coke, a frozen pizza, and cheap wine, immediately. At least you have an artisan frozen pizza--I mean, there's even arugula on it, ok?!
His Cart: Intimidating

The Packer:
Even with those goofy little hats and aprons, you can still see the one eyeing you down the aisle. Ok now he's kinda thrusting harder than need be while slicing that salami. And why is the other one stroking the freshly baked bread?
His Cart: Whatever you're having

The Single Dad:
Aww look, he's buying Kraft mac and cheese for his little guy in the front of the cart. And hot dogs. Maybe not the healthiest option but hey, he's trying! And now they're renting a Pixar movie from Redbox. How sweet. Can I buy him too?!
His Cart: Adorable

The Earthy-Crunchy Guy:
You won't come across this guy at the regular chain store (most likely). If so, he might be depressed and/or just buying a new Brita filter. But head off to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and the like, and they're pretty much all you'll see. How granola.
His Cart: Yawn

The Bachelor:
Aww look, he's buying Kraft mac and cheese and hot dogs. Wait. He's alone. Not like the single dad, this food is all for himself. Yup, the whole bottom of his cart is definitely filled with packs of beer. Party at his place? No, stop thinking that way. You're a grown woman.
His Cart: He tried (kinda)