5 Types of Guys You're Stuck With on a Road Trip

So, your guy friends want to go on a road trip -- and elect you to be the driver (how kind of them... or maybe you just don't trust most of them behind the wheel!). You know the ins and outs of your male companions... like when they can be sweet, or when they can be a bit douchey. Here are the types of guys that you can get stuck with on a road trip. And we've got the video to show it!

The Singer
Singing in the car is fun -- but some people just annoy you as soon as they start singing along. This guy is going to pick the worst songs, sing terribly, and then try to take over your radio. Song choosing rights rescinded. Sorry, bro.

The Backseat Driver
He didn't volunteer to drive, but he certainly wants to tell you how to do so! Even if he isn't talking out loud (which he is usually, and yelling), then you can tell with his tense body language and annoying faces you can see right in the way of your rearview mirror. With his backseat road rage, you're pretty happy he isn't the one actually driving.

The Complainer
He agreed to go on a road trip yet hates being in the car for over 20 minutes. He needs to stretch. His knees hurt. There's traffic. He has to pee. And he has to tell you about it all.

The Joker
We all want to have fun during a road trip, but this guy is putting a little too much into trying to make this experience enjoyable. He tries playing old games like punch buggy, likes to fart and keep the windows up without warning you, and basically laughs at everything he does. He thinks his 12-year-old persona is the funniest thing like, ever....NOT!

The Sleeper
The one you're envious of. A nap sounds a lot nicer than concentrating on the road and listening to all of these annoying DB's. You vow to trade places with him next time.

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