5 Typography Tools for iOS Developers

You would be surprised to learn how many successful business became successful only because of their choice of design. Typography can have such a massive impact on how people perceive you, your business and your website/apps. It's vital that we learnt to differentiate different font types for different situations.

In this column we're going to take a look at some of the most popular typography and font tools for iOS developers, bare in mind that this particular category is very shallow, and additional recommendations are welcome!

Attributed String Creator

Attributed String Creator takes all of the work out of programming with NSAttributedStrings by automatically generating native Objective-C code from your formatted text.

Write, paste or import any text into Attributed String Creator and it will produce a neat and easily readable equivalent of your text in NSMutableAttributedString declaration form. Copy this into your Xcode project and you'll have an exact reproduction of your text as a variable you can assign to labels, text views, buttons, tables and anything else that supports it.


This library is going to enable you to use custom fonts for your iOS applications, directly from the Interface Builder. This means only one thing: you're going to save a lot of time. The only thing that might scare you away is the price-tag of ten dollars, but for functionality such as this - that's a very low price to pay.

iOS Fonts

Have you ever wondered what the actual iOS fonts look like, have you taken the time to go through them all? If you haven't, you can use this website to manually check all the available iOS fonts. It works fine on both desktop and mobile browsers.


I have to admit, there isn't a big difference between SwiftFonts and iOS Fonts, but I think the appeal is there for those who're still learning about Swift, and want to learn more about its functionality. The upside, of course, you get to have this as your own app!


Hey, sometimes images can speak more words, which is why I feel this FontAwesomeKit is a perfect match for this post. FontAwesomeKit is an icon font library for iOS. Currently supports Font-Awesome, Foundation icons, Zocial, and ionicons.