5 Unbearable Couples Everyone Knows

Woman being bored while having dinner with couple
Woman being bored while having dinner with couple

A great couple will have you tagging #relationshipgoals on their Instagram photos. These couples fit each other's personalities like a picture perfect puzzle piece. But then there are the "other" couples. The couples who you don't like being around and who you secretly wish would just break up already because you know they would be better off single than together (don't feel bad, you're probably right.) Here are five of those annoying couples.

The On-Again, Off-Agains

This couple's relationship is like reruns of a bad TV show. They're always breaking up. One breakup, fine. Two breakups, okay. But these two have lost count of how many times they've told each other it's over. You know that thing that people say when they want to break up but really don't know how to? That "let's take a break" thing? Well, the on-again, off-agains invented it. They know they want to move on, but they've developed an unhealthy reliance on one another because they feel they are soulmates. The truth is, they are the worst for each other, but the thought of seeing the other with someone else kills them inside. Marriage or a baby will be the inevitable breaking point.

The Cheaters

Everyone knows the cheaters. They are the players of the couples and are probably good at keeping it from one another. It isn't clear why they remain in a relationship; probably they are the only ones who can tolerate the other stepping out because they're doing it too. Although people may think this couple is unaware of the other's infidelities, they are. And the interesting thing about it, is that it upsets them both even though they're both guilty. But instead of breaking up, they remain a couple and eventually compromise and decide that an open relationship might be most desired. They will most likely have a long relationship but eventually it will all come to a halt depending on their temperaments. People in this relationship cannot help but to be jaded when they are single.

The Clingers

The clingers are not as bad as the rest of the couples on this list, but they are a bit much, especially if you are friends with one of them. They are always around each other. If you are friends with one-half of the clingers, you don't see them often. And when you do, their significant other is right there too. They are known to wear coordinating colors when attending events and it's the norm for them to speak for one another. You hardly ever hear them use the term "I"; however, you will hear them say "we" a lot. They don't enjoy making decisions independent of their mates unless they are forced to. The clingers appear to be happy, but deep down inside they want to break free, but are afraid of hurting the other's feelings. Eventually they'll realize they can't do everything together once they start arguing over silly things like who gets the last of the Lucky Charms or criticizing one another about things they once thought were cute.

The Dramatics

The dramatics are the couple no one likes being around. They constantly argue over the most insignificant things, and they argue about it in front of you. These arguments make people very uncomfortable, because in their barrage of insults, they reveal things better left unsaid. Everyone wonders why is it they continue to be in a relationship because almost everyone is convinced that they really don't like each other. The scary thing is their relationship will probably be the most successful out of everyone's on this list. This couple's sex life is likely incredible. All of the arguing they do often leads to amazing make-up sex which is probably why they continue to argue and stay together. Their egos are immense, and so is their pride which is why neither one wants to back down when they are in an argument in public. They will more than likely remain in the relationship not only because of the sex but because no one else will tolerate their drama king/queen antics.

Mr. and Mrs. PDA

Mr. and Mrs. PDA are the most awkward of the bunch. They can't keep their hands off each other and their attraction for one another becomes intense when they are around a large group of people. We're not talking about a kiss here and a hug there. This couple enjoys groping, grabbing, and in most cases licking places that would be deemed inappropriate in public places. Mr. and Mrs. PDA most likely have an album of nudies of one another stored on their phone that they don't mind showing friends. They probably have hooked-up in public more than they have behind closed doors and love the possibility of getting caught in the act. This couple loves an audience and is turned on because people are watching them enjoy one another. Although this may be great for them, it's awkward for you and everyone else, especially if you are the third wheel.