5 Unique Ways to Attract Millennial Talent to Your Company

It's no secret that millennials are changing the business world for the better. Here's how you can attract top millennial talent to your own company.

A. Get to Know Them

Millennials want to know that they are valued and that their desires are being fulfilled. Discover their passion points and allow them to measure their own personal growth as they complete work. Encourage them to express themselves and suggest better ways of doing things. This way, not only does the company improve, but they feel personally invested in its overall growth. - Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

A. Promote Creativity

I like to look at organizations like Valve for this one. They've created a workplace where creativity is prized above all else, and where anyone who enters is free to work on their own projects at their own pace. Not every business can do this, but there's a lesson here: Millennials like non-traditional workplaces with the freedom to stretch their legs. - Steven Buchwald, The E2 Visa Lawyer

A. Run a Virtual Company

Millennials have made it clear that they want to be able to do their jobs from anywhere on their own schedules. The best way to satisfy that desire is by operating as a virtual company and managing by objective, not by the clock. Make use of remote communication and collaboration technologies and allow employees to work from anywhere they want to. It has to be a results-driven environment to be successful. - Robert Swisher, FestPop

A. Have a Vision

What attracts millennials most to your company is your vision and the opportunity to join you in making a dent in the world. Have an engaging story that emotionally compels a person to want to jump at the opportunity with you. - Arry Yu, GiftStarter.com

A. Treat Them Like Human Beings

Pay at or above market rate, and consider profit sharing or equity if you're in bootstrap mode. Be flexible with schedules (as much as your type of work allows) and take their ideas, concerns and criticisms seriously. Give them autonomy while providing lots of training and mentoring opportunities so they can actively grow their skills. - Mike Jones, Resound

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