5 Unreasonable Excuses You Give Yourself When You Are Creative and Multi Passionate and How to Fix It


Excuse Number #1 - I have so many ideas I can't decide. I can't handle the overwhelm so I will do nothing.

- Find time to write everything down, every idea and every piece of inspiration. Start to block out tasks and projects that are most important to you. You probably know deep down what it is you truly want to work on. What makes you light up and feel energized and happy? Be real with yourself and know you may sometimes work on something that isn't on your to do list. But after deciding your core projects to complete, stick to it and take action.

Excuse Number #2 - Why would people like my stuff, there is so much competition, how will I stand out.

- You have heard it before but I will say it again. What you do, create and build cannot be done by someone else. You are unique and so are your creations. Yes, you will find people that do similar things and businesses as you but not exactly like you. Find time to ignore the competition factor and work on your content and what you need to put out into the world.


Excuse Number #3 - I simply feel confused about my talents so why should I bother working on my brilliance.

Solution - How can you not share what you have, people need to see what you create. We love being inspired and we inspire each other by bringing our brilliance to the table. Your success is a positive reflection of you, giving others hope and sparking desire in others to take action as well. You are serving others by creating and showing the world. It's not always about you.

Excuse #4
- I don't have time to create or build what I want right now.

- Find the time, you have time. Re arrange your schedule. Maybe promise yourself a specific day of the week, where you can do what you need to do. Getting up an hour or two early to work on something, truly amps up productivity. If you think you don't have time, you won't have time. If you find the time, you will find your moments of true inspiration.

Excuse #5 - I am afraid of failing if I try to create something new. I am afraid of people judging me.

Solution - Make these thoughts go away. Do anything to delete or ignore these thoughts. Fear is a symptom of procrastination and hesitation. For some reason we sometimes block ourselves from full belief in ourselves. Being critical towards ourselves will happen from time to time, it's normal but the faster you can move on, the better is for your productivity, don't forget to take action when these feelings come up.