5 Ways A Quality Mattress Will Improve Your Life

As I'm taking a slight hiatus from travel, I am beginning to delve into the world of life style design. Slowly attempting to alter each aspect of my life for the better has involved a whole lot of trial and error, giving me plenty to share with readers about my successes and failures. After reading a few articles about the benefits of investing in a good mattress, I decided to take the leap and buy one for myself. The experience has been a good one and I have decided to share the benefits with you! If you weren't aware before, here are 5 ways that a quality mattress will improve your life.

Improved Mood

A better mattress will inevitably lead to better sleep each night. And, as science has proven, a quality night of sleep tends to heighten mood levels. Aside from merely enjoying a positive mood, you can reap the flow of benefits that will trickle down into other areas of your life as well.

More Energy

More restful nights will increase your levels of energy exponentially. As you wake each morning with stores of energy, you may find that you are getting more done throughout the day. These higher levels of productivity can help you in your job, schooling and side endeavors.

Better Relaxation

Relaxation is an essential part of life and without it, we cannot recover from stress and hardship as easily. If you want to get the most out of your time spent relaxing, having a comfortable mattress will help you do that. My nightly reading sessions have been much more enjoyable since replacing my bed.

Improved Muscle Function

Getting out of bed each morning with aches and pains was a regular occurrence for me. I always neglected getting a mattress for side sleepers as I couldn't help ending up in this position every night. I found that I was tossing and turning, sleeping in strange positions and frequently feeling knots in my lower back and shoulders. Since upgrading to a more comfortable mattress, I have been jumping out of bed in the morning feeling more mobile than ever.

Improved Feeling of Self Worth

OK, it may seem like a stretch at first but just hear me out. In the past, I rarely bought myself nice things. Trying to be frugal and stick to a minimalist mentality, I would often skimp on items that would have been worth spending a little extra money on. After witnessing how much my life has improved since purchasing a quality mattress, I've realized that I'm worth some of the finer things in life.