5 Ways Animated Videos Can Help Increase Conversions

The utilization of videos on a business's site as a means of advertising and educating has increased exponentially. Furthermore, animated videos, also known as whiteboard animation, are a popular and effective option.
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The utilization of videos on a business's site as a means of advertising and educating has increased exponentially. Furthermore, animated videos, also known as whiteboard animation, are a popular and effective option.

Konstantinos Kaloulis, founder of Doodle-Video.com explained, "Through thousands of split-tests we have conducted, animated videos, in particular, are the most effective when it comes to increasing conversions"

The following five points highlight the reasoning behind the successful conversion rates when using animated videos in particular:

Five Reasons why Video's Increase Conversation Rate:

1.) They Can Show the Business's Formation

One advantage of site videos is the ability to showcase your company's history. In fact, if you set your video up correctly, it can come across as a helpful educational video instead of a sales pitch. Your customers will be more enthused about your produce or service if they know the why or motivation behind what you do. For example, you could communicate your passion as a company to remedy a specific problem. Therefore, being able to inform your customers about your product and company is one reason why videos help to increase your conversion rate.

2.) They Tell a Story

For millions of years, storytelling has been a primary mode of communication, and today, it is still effective. After all, before television, radio and the like, the primary way to communicate a message was in person, through storytelling. By using a video, you can simultaneously tell your business's story and communicate what product or service you offer.

These videos can be instructional, as in training videos or more fanciful and elaborate, when you are trying to portray your products or services. The point to remember, though, is that the animated videos call to mind the storytelling traditions of old, which is captivating, especially in today's society. Ergo, the presence of such a video will increase your conversion rate.

3.) They Duplicate the Human Touch

Animated videos showcase a human element. In a world full of computer-based media, seeing a drawing, which could have been completed by someone's own hand, is a refreshing change. Therefore, the human element that comes along with an animated video is yet another benefit of this particular type of advertising. As a result, using this type of video will most assuredly increase your site's conversion rate.

4.) They Are Simple
In today's marketing field, there is an overwhelming amount of stimulation in regards to videos and such. After all, you can't visit a site without ads jumping out at you and videos playing.

Videos that are usually full of high-energy, computer generated content. Therefore, the overall simplicity and high contrast of the black and white lines of a whiteboard animation video is a welcome reprieve.

As a result of the general information overload previously mentioned, site visitors no longer notice much of what you put on your site. Instead of cutting edge videos, they simply see fluff, which is a product of the fact that the mind distills sensory input down to pure essentials. Therefore, the simplicity of the animation video is advantageous to you as it will draw the eye and yield results.

5.) They Are Extremely Entertaining
Animation or drawing videos are simply entertaining since they evoke memories associated with watching someone draw.

Being witness to them creating something beautiful out of a blank sheet of paper is enchanting. Therefore, due to the fact that animation and whiteboard drawing videos utilize this drawing aspect, they are greatly entertaining. Watching someone draw captivates the eye and engages the mind, all while allowing you to promote your company's product or service.

The many benefits of animation or whiteboard videos include the five elements listed above, and go even further. For example, the ease of distribution of digital videos means that your video can be distributed infinite times among various platforms.

In other words, you can use your video in a presentation, place it on your website, send it through email or use it in many other ways.

Therefore, investing in a good quality video, especially one in the animated or whiteboard style is a great way to increase your website's conversion rate and subsequently increase your sales.

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