5 Ways for Men to Unleash Their Inner Alpha Male

An alpha male never copies anyone else.

Often laid-back until there is a need for action, an alpha male is fearless in a necessary fight. And he is the best leader of men there is.

All men want to attain this status. But few ever do.

However, there are traits of all alpha males that anyone can start to develop.

Here are 5 ways to operate from a position of inner power and confidence that will begin your transformation to alpha male status:

1. Put On Your Big Boy Pants & Claim You Life

The first thing we all need to do is claim our life, all of it! What I mean by this is take responsibility. For the good, the bad, and all of it.

Realistically, you all have a role to play in EVERY area of your life. No matter what happens, you have to acknowledge that, otherwise how can you make meaningful changes?

Your inner Alpha does not play the "blame game" and is not a victim.

2. Don't Be An "Average" Passenger

Now that you have claimed responsibility, do what you need to do. This is your life, don't just sit back as a passenger and see where it goes.

Host of the Awake Your Alpha Podcast, Adam Lewis Walker says, "Take the lead in your life; take on your challenge to create your ambitious life. Have an ambitious vision. Don't accept average for yourself or you will get just what your asking for, an average life."

3. No Complaining

Keep your eye on the OUTCOME, stay focused and ready to take on anything that life throws at you.

Don't be afraid to say no to things you don't like or don't fully stand behind. As I said earlier, you set your standards in all areas of life, so if you are whining or complaining about something (you shouldn't be doing that either), STOP. Do something about it or "Zip it" Austin Powers style.

4. Say Yes More Often

But, don't be blind to opportunities and always say yes to the ambitious life you're striving to create.

Have you seen Jim Carrey in Yes Man?

Interesting concept. But be clear about what you realistically want it to be and what you'll be willing to do to get there.

Walker expands on this, "Don't just follow someone else's definition of an ambitious life, sure David Beckham or Richard Branson have achieved a lot, but their own ambitious lives are very different from yours. So start saying yes to people, places and ideas that move you towards your vision."

Don't live the safe life where you arrive at the end in "perfect" condition ready to go again (pretty sure you only get one go, but don't quote me on this).

5. Be A Hunter, Not A Lurker

Are you waiting for your next meal or are you going out to catch it?

Do you let life pick away at you until there is nothing left of you, do you lurk around waiting for opportunities to come to you? Make a stand now, before it's too late. Get out of your own way to hunt down and create opportunities for you to thrive.

The Alpha is a hunter and doesn't become complacent.