5 Ways One Accessory Can Transform Your Entire Outfit

For those who want a wardrobe change without emptying your pockets, try adding some new accessories to the mix.
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The new year always welcomes an onslaught of changes in everyone's lives. The gyms are filled to the brim, Whole Foods has lines out the door, and the pews of the church are busier than ever. One of the most common New Year transformations is the vow to implement a complete closet change.

"New year, new me." Of course you need a new look to accompany all your changes. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to binge on a New Year's shopping trip, complete fitting room montages and the bags filled with clothes to fit your new, fit figure. For those who want a wardrobe change without emptying your pockets, try adding some new accessories to the mix. Not only is it the economically smart option, but it's a lot of fun and incredibly easy. Take a look at some of the ways you can add a few pieces to your wardrobe for an entirely new look.

Another way to intensify your ordinarily dull wardrobe is by topping it off with a hat. Whether it's trendy a baseball cap, a fedora, or a floppy beach hat, a hat can change any outfit from bleak to chic. Explore the possibilities and see what flatters you best. While your outfit may remain in the realm of simplicity, it will escape the walls of boredom.

Another must-have for embellishing your closet is scarves, a trend that may never go out of style. I love a good, oversized scarf around my neck, I wish I could wear them all year round. Unfortunately, my favorite scarves are meant for the winter. Everyone enjoys a quality chunky scarf in the winter and a feminine floral scarf in the hotter months. Pair this with anything. Whether it's a t-shirt and jeans, your favorite blazer, or a crew neck and sneakers, a scarf can completely transform any normal, everyday outfit.

Bold Necklace
The simplicity of a white shirt and jeans will never get old. However, it can get a little monotonous. To break up the redundancy of white and denim, add something different! The latest trend: statement pieces. Get a bold necklace to pair with a simple white shirt. It will add a completely new look to an ordinarily drab outfit. They are offered in a variety of styles and colors, so mix it up a bit and have some fun.

Statement Bag
There are various ways to add a statement piece to your wardrobe; however my favorite is the statement bag. Personally, I like to add a large, bright clutch to my outfits just to add a bit of flair. In the winter months especially, it's hard staying stylish. A nice bold clutch can be seen even with a bulky coat. You can find them virtually anywhere and they can be added to any outfit to create a chic ensemble in seconds. These are easily the best ways to turn yourself into a mini fashionista for about 20 bucks. Pick up a few in different colors, styles, and sizes and pair them with a simple outfit.

Uniform pieces

A fun way to change things up is through ambiguity. Adding a blazer to black pants and a simple top can give you the coveted Janelle Monae look everyone adores. Putting a stylish tie around a button up is a fun and trendy look, yet still classic. Head out and grab some bow ties and other accessories men get to wear all the time, essentially owning a piece not even designed for you. Try looking for small shops and boutiques with unique and creative styles. Just remember, anything guys can do, we can do better. Pair this with a cute messenger bag to complete the look.

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