5 Ways September is Going to Rock Your World!   The Breakdown to Breakthrough!

5 Ways September is Going to Rock Your World! The Breakdown to Breakthrough!
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August wraps up with many of us going through some Sh*t because we are about to be thrown off with Mercury Retrograde starting on Wednesday, 8/31/16.

What this means in real world is things are about to go back in time to pull out stuff within you that has been lingering. Anything that needs to be cleared, healed or gone for good is what this visit to the past will bring. This time, however, will be different because deep down you know transformation is on other side of this.

There is no one way to get it or understand it, you just have to go through it, that’s why retrogrades last 3 weeks to give you time to heal. The focus it takes to stand in power is difficult yet devotion to Who you are becoming is worth it. It is the connection between Soul & Self, where your Fears meet your Desires. September will push you down into dark places you forgot about, but your desires will keep your fire ignited.

“Self-sabotage is the proverbial hammer over the head that finally wakes us up, demanding that we pay attention. For most of us, it takes something devastating to crack us open, to get us out of our minds and into our hearts.”

Debbie Ford, The Shadow Effect

The breakdown is some of the stuff we are experiencing right now, many are complaining of headaches, colds, stiffness, anxiety, restlessness & fatigue which is part of the “breaking down” within you. Your body is “shedding” emotional, mental & physical while increasing spiritually, like a snake it takes 28 days to discard the old skin and heal into the new one.

This intense & dynamic energy of September can be explained best using a Tarot Reading. Tarot is a personal spiritual guidance tool that allows us to get a glimpse of possibilities before us not based on manipulation, but deeper inner insight & ancient wisdom. Tarot is magical yet mysterious because how can this piece of illustrated cardboard say so much?

Tonya Melendez

“. . . . It also seems as if the set of pictures in the Tarot cards were distantly descended from the archetypes of transformation, a view that has been confirmed for me...it presents a rhythm of negative and positive, loss and gain, dark and light.” Carl Jung, “Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious”

5 Ways September is Going to Rock Your World is by breaking down some inner walls to be healed, while giving you highly intuitive self guidance, which paves the way for a breakthrough. I am using the “Chrysalis Tarot” deck for its sensual & earthy images.

As a Professional Reader & Teacher of Tarot, it is the intuitive guidance and almost eerie correctedness that throws most people off. It is the energy that it emitted while shuffling the cards that “pull” the cards that are to be revealed. I use Tarot daily as a guidance tool for my day, week & month for both professional & personal purposes & LOVE teaching about it as a blend of spiritual, mystical & personal.

The 5 cards that I “drew” for September came after asking for guidance in what would the Retrograde, Moon & Eclipse energy bring with it for us to learn, comprehend or heal, here’s what I got.

Tonya Melendez

The Reading begins with the Sun, shining brightly, radiating truth. As no. 21 it serves as a spiritual message of hope, faith & positivity. Next to it, is the King of Rods/Wands/Spirals, which tells me passions & desires will be the focus of next steps. As the Companion, he serves as wise counsel. Following is Death, no. 13, the Goddess Adriane, at the labyrinth, showing the way may feel like nothing is happening, but there is more that meets the eye going on, as rebirth is happening. Next, the 3 of Scrolls/Swords is about letting go of the old. The intuitive fox’s tear adds wisdom to what you know to be true but, is often hide away. Lastly, is 5 of Stones/Pentacles which depicts a fairy who’s head is resting on her knees as she is surrounded by the Stones, this is the moment of Truth. A decision must be made. Her turn inward is about looking at her heart.

“Sink deep into the peace that waits for you beyond the frantic, riotous thoughts

and sights and sounds of this insane world. You do not live here. You are trying to reach your real home.” A Course in Miracles

The Breakdown to Breakthrough

1 Allow your inner Light to shine. September will require of you to be ok with being YOU. It will push you to bring your A game. You can go the long road or short road yet IT must happen. We are all evolving, our society & world, right now is being shaken up, bringing old issues to light such as racism, sexism, capitalism & classism. Radiate your Truth and it will set you free.

2 Align with your desires. Clear vision can only come from “clean” vision. No more waiting & wishing, it is a time of being. By identifying with what your heart says, you will achieve your dreams & visions. It is not striving that brings success, but igniting the desires on fire that brings what’s within the heart. For far too long we have been told our desires are bad and will destroy us, that’s a lie. Get clear so you can get clean.

3 Be ok with letting go of the old You. As I’ve mentioned, 28 days is nothing when you think about how long you’ve waited for a change. The Moon & Eclipse energy will support your kiss goodbye to the self defeating you to make way for the self loving YOU. You know what needs to go. Burn, bury, sage, drown, whatever just say Bye, bye, BYE! (For good this time!)

4 It’s ok to have some pain, just don’t get stuck in it. Sometimes we have to grieve & sometimes we mourn. The difference is one is an understanding that life must continue moving & the other likes to stay in the comfort zone. Like the saying says, “if you WANT something different, you must DO something different.”

5 There’s nothing wrong with wanting it all. For the most part, we all want to be a part of a loving, compassionate community & world, yet that’s not what’s out there. The world around us wants us afraid, wanting, clinging, separate & angry yet the inner world wants happiness, love, prosperity & joy for ourselves and others. The competition between the inner & outer worlds is about what you make important. Putting yourself first is viewed as wrong & selfish, but the work you need to do is an “inside job” so turning within needs your attention & focus. Celebrate & honor YOU by giving yourself permission to have what you desire & dream to have. It is yours! CLAIM it! OWN it!

September is back in school for all of us, as we learn more about ourselves now than ever before. Be prepared to spent some “Self Care” time in nature or with loved or in silence. Allow this time to be your re- centering or even Re-Birthing time as a more, clear version of YOU emerges.

“Desire is at the root of our divine impulse to evolve. Desire leads the way home.” Danielle La Porte, Desire Map

September SpiritScopes will be available 9/1/16.

Tonya Melendez, The Tarot Life Coach, is an Amazon International Best Selling Author, #3 in Psychic in the World, Huffington Post Blogger, OmTimes Magazine Expert, Intuitive Spiritual Teacher, Mentor & Healer.

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