5 Ways to Achieve Your Goal Like A Real Goal-Getter

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Congrats! You have made it to 2016! It is always good to see another year, right? Now that you have another chance at being your best self, what are you going to do about it?

Every-single-solitary-year, a change gonna come, Sam Cooke said, the intentions are there, but yet another New Year approaches and the same goals meets many of us, head on, like a deer in headlights...

Wait before you panic...

Stay calm and try not to swerve off the road....

Look your goal directly in the eyes and tell it get in the car
because together you are going places...

You are in the driver's seat now.

Take control of the steering wheel and follow this path of pursuit to accomplishing your Goals like a Real "G." (Goal Getter, that is)

1)Pen it down. Personally, I like to write everything down, even if I have it memorized. There is something contractual about writing down your personal aspirations that makes you want to hold yourself accountable. Not to mention, going back to something you have written years before when your mind-set was completely different. Sometimes you see the growth in your goals. If writing it down is not an option, there are plenty of note taking smartphone apps available.

2)Pin it Up. Perception and imagery is everything. Emotions and feelings are often triggered by images. Just look at social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is the image first that grabs the attention, then the message. It is like watching a music video to your favorite song, which helps to increase sales. Vision Boards have experienced a surge of popularity over the last couple of years. A real goal getter can create a vision board in the privacy of their own home or either host or attend a Vision Party. Looking at your vision board daily can spark motivation and help you to stay focused. I am thankful I was taught this method as a child. Today, vision boards look like a work of art, but back in the day, my original "G," (Grandma) had two things on her door: A picture of Jesus and a $100 dollar bill!

3)Project It. Profess your goals out loud to others that you trust. I understand that this could be a toss up, because you are never sure if someone would try to "steal," your ideas or become so inspired and fail to mention the source of their inspiration, ever. That is ok. There is enough work to go around for everyone. I believe everyone has a dream instilled in them that was meant for them and even if the details are similar as yours... no one can do it like you do it, baby.

Put your personal stamp on it...

Find a prayer partner or two, an accountability friend, mentor, etc...someone you trust.
I remember for a couple of years I would state my specific plans at any given opportunity, so much that whenever someone came across a matched opportunity, they would reach out to me. You can not grow, if the people do not know.

4)Prepare for it. Education, employment, practice, health, relationships, etc., A real Goal-Getter has to work toward achieving the goal. Sometimes it may be unrealistic to accomplish that particular goal in one year, but taking small steps towards it, can reap rewards. Remember that you are not alone in trying to achieve a goal. Helping others along the way with pure intentions that you want to see them at their best, can lead to a win-win situation for everyone involved.

5)Practice Patience. Sometimes one goal may take longer than another. Please release the pressure off yourself. Today, everything is so fast paced, easily accessible and ready on-demand that we miss the PRESENT, the moment itself. It is all about balance between putting the work in and continuously having an attitude of gratitude and praise in midst of the pursuit. Do a little less chasing and more embracing.

Get into gear...

Grab your goals...

And enjoy your ride, like a Real "G."

Photo: CreateHer Stock

Disclaimer: I do not have any financial ties with any of the names or brands mentioned in this article.