5 Ways To Avoid Honeymoon Heartache

More and more couples I speak with return home feeling melancholy from their trip of a lifetime. A bit of a wedding postpartum has set in; the big event you spent much of the past year thinking about and talking about is over.
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Wedding season is in high gear and that means your honeymoon isn't far behind. For those of you saying "I do" to a romantic getaway post big day, be prepared -- it isn't always happily ever after. More and more couples I speak with return home feeling melancholy from their trip of a lifetime. A bit of a wedding postpartum has set in; the big event you spent much of the past year thinking about and talking about is over. For some, it's a relief, for others, it's a void left to be filled -- even in conversation. So after surveying oodles of clients, I've compiled a short list of my best tips to getting through the honeymoon, like it's a honeymoon.

1.Schedule Accordingly: Don't jet off the morning after the big day. Jet lag is bad enough but endlessly worse when paired with sleep deprivation, stress to get everything done in time, and pure and total exhaustion. You may find yourselves picking at each other more frequently than you'd like to in this scenario. Wait two days or more before boarding that flight well rested and ready to go. Once en route, pop a JetPax Jet Lag Relief Supplement to help you transition to your temporary new home. In no time you'll be back in your old rhythm to see all the sites that await you.

2.Select the Right Spot: I received a piece of advice years ago that has always stuck with me. The editor-in-chief of Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine, Susan Moynahan, once suggested to me that honeymooners should go somewhere that neither has been before. That way you get to experience all new things together and neither has past memories or feels the 'been there done that' syndrome. Create entirely unique experiences to share together in a place that incorporates both of your likes and styles of travel (no matter how different they may be).

3.Pack Your Own Entertainment: If you're not used to spending every waking moment together deep in conversation, don't feel obligated to start now. If you need a little space, pack a good summer book to keep you entertained and feeling like yourself when too much time together gets to be too much of a good thing. "Semi-Charmed Life" by Nora Zelevansky is hot off the presses and will carry you away with wit and humor while you explore someone else's big journey in the Big Apple. A perfectly fun yet heart-filled story to make for a delightful honeymoon read and a buffer when need be.

4.Consider All-Inclusive: If money can be a source of concern or contention, then consider staying at an all-inclusive property, like Beaches Turks and Caicos. If you touch down to Bora Bora and realize how much a Diet Coke costs at your fabulous overwater resort and panic sets in, tension can build immediately after the big day. Find a location that you can live, wine, dine, shop and enjoy freely at within your budget (including spending money) or go all-inclusive to never think about the value of a dollar once you're on your journey. Don't let money be the cause of your first official marital spat.

5.Pack a Peace Offering: Okay, so not exactly a peace offering (let's hope you don't get to that point). But what better way to break the ice than with a sweet gesture or gift to enjoy on the honeymoon? Yes, I realize you've been getting gifts all week, likely all year, and you probably already got each other something special for the wedding day. But one way to keep the joy of the process going is to pack a little something for each other on the honeymoon. She's already fully equipped with all that bridal shower lingerie, so what about something he can use to capture the moment (maybe not that moment)? I love this underwater iPhone case, the RainBallet by Joy Factory. The waterproof case lets you shoot video and photos while snorkeling around the reef or swimming off the balcony of your overwater bungalow. The two of you can make memories above and below sea level and your partner will be delighted with the surprise of one extra little treat.

Bottom line, take it all in stride. Whether the weather gets you down, misplaced baggage, or the thought of the wedding day come and gone, enjoy the opportunity to explore this special place and time together and be present in the moment. Just like a wedding day, everything may not be perfect but when you look back on it, those may be the moments you love most.

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