5 Ways to Book Coaching Clients with the Power of Facebook Live Stream

5 Ways to Book Coaching Clients with the Power of Facebook Live Stream
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The online coaching industry is booming, and there’s no better way to connect, build relationships, add value and spread your God-given message than through live video. If you are building your coaching business online, whether you are a health, relationship, mindset, or business coach, you need to be visible. Your visibility builds familiarity, like and trust that warms up your audience and turns them into high-paying coaching clients.

Facebook live is one of the most powerful tools to kick off and scale your online coaching business if you know how to leverage it. Here are my best five strategies on how to be seen as an expert instantly, and bring in coaching clients who absolutely love working with you.

1. Schedule your live stream ahead of time and let your audience know about it

You can schedule your live stream in advance by setting up a reminder, which makes it easy for your audience to simply click on it and get notified once you are live. Having people watching you live is more powerful than watching the replay, because Facebook algorithms consider your live stream very important when people are showing up. That makes you more visible to a bigger audience, and grows your following fast.

2. Use the power of engagement

People are most likely to buy from someone who they have interacted with. Facebook live gives you the opportunity to interact with your followers in real time, and even later with replay watchers. While you are live streaming, ask your audience to engage with you. The most efficient way to do it is by simply asking them to give short answers. Many people are watching the live streams from their phone, so make it easy for them to engage. Questions that require yes or no answers are the best. The more people engage, the more important your live stream appears to Facebook, and its algorithms will show your video to a bigger audience.

Also be sure to have a call-to-action at the end of your live stream. You can ask viewers to share your live stream, to book a discovery call, or to download your freebie.

3. Use captions on your live streams

Did you know that 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without the sound? If you don't add captions to your videos, you are probably missing out on a big number of people who would love to learn more about you, your services, and potentially hire you. Captions make people stop scrolling through the newsfeed, and you can cut through the noise online. Since the first five seconds or less are the most crucial, be sure to start talking instantly about your topic. You could either ask a powerful question, make a strong statement, or repeat the title. Your main goal would be to give viewers a great reason why they should watch your video.

4. Boost your video to grow your visibility fast

When you do your live stream on your Facebook business page, you can boost your video for as little as five dollars to reach bigger audience. The beauty of boosting is simple: you can target your ideal target market. You can also build your own custom audience you desire to target. Those people could be the ones who have visited your website, attended your webinar, saw your landing page, or simply are friends with people who have liked your business page. The choice is up to you.

5. Host Facebook live events in your Facebook group

Creating events in your own Facebook group can easily turn your followers into high-paying coaching clients. Compared to the traditional webinar, you save yourself time and energy, because there's no need to set up a landing page, email sequences, reminders and webinar software. With simply one click after creating an event, you can invite everyone in your group to attend your event. Although you won't grow your list, you'll instead build your credibility and engagement in your group fast.

Facebook live stream is a powerful free tool, and with it you can easily increase your visibility and credibility fast. Leveraging the power of live stream builds meaningful connections that often lead to high-paying coaching clients. The more people see you on camera and hear your voice, the more comfortable they get with you. There has never been a better way to directly connect with your audience from the comfort of your own home as often as you like.

Reelika Schulte is an international business and success coach who helps new female coaches launch a successful coaching business online, automate their marketing systems, and set up passive income streams while creating a freedom-filled lifestyle for the entire family. Get your free copy of 17 Ways to Stand Out Online as the Go-to Coach without Selling Your Soul.”

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