5 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Creativity Through Your Office Décor

Your office décor has a direct bearing on your creativity at work. A dull office can mean dull performance; a bright office can bring out brighter ideas and motivation. You might have to start out your career in a "boiler room" setting, but as you progress in your field there's no reason you have to be stuck inside a tedious office.

Most office managers have some kind of discretionary budget they can spend on the trappings of your work place; work with them to see what you can come up with to make your place of employment not just somewhere you have to go, but somewhere you enjoy going.

This is especially important in the marketing sector, where creativity is needed in every client interaction and marketing strategy. Here are five ways to boost that creativity through office décor.

1. Revamp the Lighting
A harsh office environment can actually age you. Most offices have fluorescent lighting, and their harsh white light can be distracting, and can be affecting your eyes and your productivity. Instead, use a floor lamp or a desk lamp so that you can get a refreshing change, along with a cozier feel. Just changing the lighting can help boost your output.

2. Mix It Up
Move your computer to some other place in your workstation. Change the position of your chair and desk. Adjust your monitor and keyboard so that they are better aligned with your eyes and wrists. Try for a view from your work station that is pleasant, or at least not a dull dead-end wall. What you have to look at all day can have a definite impact on your ability to be a marketing maven.

3. Sit Ergonomically
Many people don't pay attention to their chairs, and in turn that can be a real pain in the neck -- or in the back. A good chair is essential, as it helps you to be comfortable, which in turn helps you to be more productive. If you can't buy a new office chair, simply adding in a lumbar pillow behind your lower back or a horse-shoe pillow around your neck can relieve some stress. Also, adjust your chair's height so you can keep your feet on the ground. And don't forget to get up and move around at least once an hour.

4. Bring a Little Vibrancy Into Your Workstation
Some quiet sophistication and clean, refreshing colors in your work area can soothe the stress often associated with marketing. Besides wall hangings, plants, or a miniature bamboo fountain, consider investing in a contemporary design rug. A rug can really make a style statement about your goals and attitudes. Rugs come in all shapes, colors, and fabrics. Stay away from cheap box store rugs; try something upscale; after all, you spend a good portion of each week day walking on and looking at a rug -- why not make it something to be proud of?

5. Lying Down on the Job?
It seems like you can't win; you either sit too long or stand too long at work. Is there some other way? Well, you can always lie down. Marketers who feel the need for some horizontal brainstorming might want to consider the Japanese work fad of the Lazy Desk.

After all, that's how astronauts spend most of their time while rocketing in outer space -- laying back and working their controls. It might succeed for you. Then again, your boss might think you're napping, so don't try it for a full work day. Save it for the last few hours of the work day and see if it improves your marketing effectiveness.