5 Ways to Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month

Mark your calendars: November is designated as National Entrepreneurship Month (NEM), a time to celebrate the men and women who have the courage to take smart risks in business, enriching and innovating our lives with the results of their efforts.

This month, there are tons of events and holidays that focus on honoring entrepreneurs and innovators as well as increasing youth interest in entrepreneurship. Global Entrepreneurship Week is recognized from November 17-23. During this event-packed week honoring entrepreneurs all over the world, National Entrepreneurs' Day occurs on Nov. 19, along with Global Women's Entrepreneurship Day. Small Business Saturday falls on Nov. 29.

National Entrepreneurs' Day (NED) was started in 2010 by David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos (co-founders of the entrepreneur's phone system, Grasshopper) and Amir Tehrani, entrepreneur and co-founder of The Legacy Foundation. This November holiday honors those who promote entrepreneurship, business, innovation, and new jobs in our country as well as promotes entrepreneurship to America's youth, ensuring young entrepreneurs will rise up to replace older generations over time, continuing to innovate our nation long after we are able.

Although it's been presidentially proclaimed each year since 2010, National Entrepreneur's Day is not an official U.S. holiday yet. For more information on the vote to make NED official, you can check out

How will you be celebrating National Entrepreneurship Month? In case you're short on ideas, I came up with 5 things you can do to celebrate this November!

5 Ways to Celebrate NEM

1. Be thankful. If you have an entrepreneur mentor, call and thank them for their guidance and support. It doesn't have to be sappy, just sincere.

2. Be a mentor. If you are an entrepreneur, find an entrepreneur to mentor and offer to share what you've learned along your journey.

3. Be a supporter. Make an effort to support other entrepreneurs by using their services and recommending those you enjoy.

4. Be humble. Be thankful for the lessons you've learned, the success you've tasted, and the challenges you've faced. Appreciate the effects each of these things have had on you as a person and as an entrepreneur. Find peace with that.

5. Be good to yourself. Last but not least, be sure to set aside ample time this month for rest and relaxation or a favorite hobby. Arianna Huffington is a champion of the Thrive movement, urging business owners and employees everywhere to realize the importance of down time. Rest is critical to your well-being and the long-term success of your efforts, so don't skimp on it as your goals become tangible!

Any more ideas on celebrating National Entrepreneurship Month this November? Leave them in the comments!

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