5 Ways to Distinguish Your Brand From the Competition

5 Ways to Distinguish Your Brand From the Competition
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Use these strategies to differentiate your brand from those of your competitors.

You may have an excellent company, serving top-notch products to an audience who wants them, but inevitably, you’ll face some competition. And even if your products are inherently better, if you don’t have a way to distinguish yourself from the competition, you won’t be able to persuade audiences to choose you over your competitors—or be memorable enough to keep them coming back.

Differentiation happens at the brand level, and there are many ways to distinguish yourself:

1. Prices. The most straightforward route is to distinguish yourself with prices. If you want to win more customers, you can do so with relative ease by offering similar (or identical) products for less money.

2. Audience. You can also distinguish yourself by serving a different target audience. You may need to change your advertising and messaging strategy, but the end results are favorable; you and your competitors can keep making the same products without interfering with one another.

3. Style. Sometimes, a change in tone and style is enough to distinguish yourself. You might adopt a more laid-back attitude, or include unique furniture in your physical location.

4. Service. Service is a major differentiating factor, but it takes a long time to be recognized. If you want customers to prefer you over your competitors, make sure your customer service can’t be beat. Go out of your way to make your customers happy.

5. Packaging. Finally, consider packaging your products and services differently; for example, you might offer less expensive packages for people of lower income levels, or offer premium packages for more serious buyers.

One of the most important keys to distinguishing yourself is consistency; only by demonstrating these differences regularly, over the course of months, will people begin to recognize and appreciate your brand for what it is. Craft your brand identity carefully, and stick to it once you’ve found a way to distinguish yourself.

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