5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Facebook

A good book is useless if no one reads it. Similarly, your marketing efforts go in vain if there are no readers, or in other words, traffic to your website. Take your marketing to another level, and this is the best time to make use of Facebook. Facebook is like an ocean of people that is always looking at something, so you can generate most of your traffic from this social media giant.

Listed below are five ways to drive traffic to your website.

Page optimized for website clicks

It's simple. If people find it difficult to locate the link, they simply ignore and scroll down. So make your page such that it has relevant links on every reasonable place. A handy feature that Facebook provides is the call-to-action button on top of the page beside the like button. Upon clicking, it takes the user to the URL that you have provided such as, the signup page or contact form.

Create a noteworthy title

It's like the elevator pitch. Short time, effective words and results are either a click or ignore. The content should be crafted in a manner that it is compelling enough for readers to give your link a higher priority than Facebook. Some tips include- avoid all capitals in every teaser, write in a user friendly tone and use of humor, if appropriate. An irresistible title does half the work of getting the click.

An email list

There is an email marketing software that enables you to create an opt-in form. This can be added to the landing page using Facebook ads.

Simple steps for implementation are:
a. Select the right email marketing software to prepare an email list.
b. Your blog should have a landing page.
c. An ad that related to your landing page can help you drive traffic to your website.

If the campaign is about something specific, a landing page can be effective in increasing the traffic and ultimately the conversion rate.

Interest targeting helps

Based on hobbies and interests of individuals, interest targeting can be crucial to driving traffic to your website. Here's how. It is possible to define audience based on their interest, education, designation and the like. Say for example you are selling sports goods in a particular country. You can target audience in that region who had previously liked stores that sell sports goods. It is also possible to channelize your audience in order to drive the audience who are most likely to become your customers. For effective interest targeting success, make sure you go through the Facebook's Graph Search to know how it works. Also, it gives you a close idea of your competitors in the industry like how their advertising is and what interest the potential fans share in common.

Remarketing is essential

Most of the business succeed because of something called 'repeat businesses'. Once the customer finds the quality of your product or content useful, you automatically become their prioritized seller. Your brand is no more what you tell to others.

It becomes what your customers tell them. So it is not just cost effective, but also relatively easy to drive them to your website by flashing relevant ads on Facebook. To implement this, add Facebook remarketing pixel on your website. Then put up a customized ad which encourages browsers for a return visit to your landing page. Implement, succeed and repeat is the key.

If you're a beginner and don't know how to create a blog or a pro who is running a company, but you just can't ignore this powerful lead generation platform. If you can find just the right combination to work for you, even a very small percentage of this population can bring you the desired traffic for your website. So, use this giant social media to leverage its potential for driving traffic to your website.