5 Ways to Fight the Post-Holiday Blues

What an incredible journey we are all on -- take it in and relish it. Start the year strong and as my hubby would say, keep putting one foot in front of the other.
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It's the new year 2016, and here we are again. Embarking on the longest stretch of time before another major holiday. Goals have been set, resolutions have been made and we get back into the swing of life attempting to give this clean slate our best effort yet. But with the winter weather settling in, school starting again and work becoming busier, you may find yourself with a bit of the January blues. Grey skies and mundane routines juxtaposed against the holiday high of vacation time, good food, shiny gifts, family and friends can cause a bit of frustration and distress.

I've listed five simple ways you can fight those weary feelings and keep yourself focused on the prize... a new year full of hope awaits you.

#1 -- Strategize Your Year
Pull out those wonderful New Year's resolutions and goals and give yourself a strategic plan to ensure they are actually accomplished. A little detail of action steps, a checklist and even a simple timeline can go a long way and help keep you on track. Spring will be here before you know it and you want to get started now.

#2 -- Get Moving
So you may have goal of losing weight or you may not. Either way, incorporating more activity in your daily routine helps get that adrenaline going and is sure to help spike your mood. Walking with your partner or a friend after work is great way to decompress after a long day in the office.

#3 -- Color Me Happy
The new trend of adult coloring books is spreading like wildfire. A long list of retailers carry these books in all sorts of themes and patterns. Try your hand at a little color therapy. You may find contentment and peace within those pages.

#4 -- Read for the Soul
Search online and purchase some of the books you've made a list of to read. Reading can focus your energy and create a temporary fantasy to get lost within while expanding the mind. It also gives you a little something to look forward to in the evening, on a break at work or down time on your weekends.

#5 -- Try Something New
January is the perfect time to explore an activity, a place, an event or even a food or beverage you've never tried before. There's something quite liberating and exhilarating about immersing ourselves into the unknown. Get your bucket list out and try checking off an item. Participating in something totally foreign can sometimes ignite child-like excitement, fun and gives birth to more curiosity. Go for it.

What an incredible journey we are all on -- take it in and relish it. Start the year strong and as my hubby would say, keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Tina B. Ladson is a designer, blogger, writer and entrepreneur. Currently working on her first book titled No Ironing Necessary and a lifestyle pillow collection, she writes a weekly blog, Lifestyle with Tina B. that celebrates life, style, and inspiration for the busy, creative woman. She hopes to inspire, ignite and encourage. Follow her @lifewithtinab