5 Ways to Generate Sales Leads Like Never Before

5 Ways to Generate Sales Leads Like Never Before
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When running a B2B business, your main concern is generating leads. According to a study, 61% of B2B marketers pointed out that generating high-quality leads is their biggest concern and biggest challenge. You already know that creating content is one way to generate B2B sales, and you already know about the importance of building relationships.

This guide is going to show you some of the ways to generate sales leads like never before through inbound marketing and more.

Podcasting is Big Business

The podcast is a format of content that has been around for over a decade, and the future of podcasting is bright. This is not something new and it’s not something that has just hit the market. But it’s something that more and more people are starting to tap into, on the side of both consumers and businesses.

It’s one of the prime audio sources because it can be downloaded and listened to from practically anywhere. It can even be listened to live via a mobile device. It fits into the busy lifestyles people have adopted today. Podcasting is getting huge, and through a well-planned podcast, you can help promote your services on the Internet.

Crafting Online Discussions

Through online forum and webinars, you can get customers talking to each other, as well as you. Not only is this perfect for building relationships, you are also using the power of word of mouth marketing. For example, in an online discussion someone may talk about finding the best golf courses. They may get talking and then they’ll recommend specific golf courses, which may be yours.

Remember that customers need to have relationships with each other as much as they need to have relationships with you. These online discussions can have a huge effect through engaging your target audience.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a relatively new social media network that you absolutely should be using. It uses images to communicate messages. It fits in perfectly with what people want to see from their content today. They don’t have time to read long pieces of content. They want to gain as much in the shortest possible period of time.

It’s also a growing social media network. It’s not closing on 100 million registered users, with a significant portion of them posting at least once a month. This platform is designed to act as something that can inspire people to make a purchase, and so if you use it right you may well encourage more B2B sales.

Take note that some brands will find more successful than others when using Pinterest. A vacation rentals company will be able to use the color and beauty of their natural surroundings in their images, but accountancy firms and sellers of insurance may well struggle with the visuals.

Still Consider Content Marketing

It has to be said that content marketing should remain your priority in terms of marketing yourself. Good content marketing is a relative unknown among some businesses because they are still stuck in the past. 86% of B2C marketers and 91% of B2B marketers may be using it, but this doesn’t mean they are using it in the right way.

So many businesses use content marketing to promote their brands. Your brand should never figure as part of your content marketing. It shouldn’t be mentioned more than once, and even that should be at the very bottom of the page.

Content marketing has to fulfill the needs of customers. Effective content must add real value to the lives of people.

Landing Pages

So what happens when you have convinced a potential to lead to visit your platform?

They turn away because your landing page isn’t doing enough to appeal to them. When a prospect visits your landing page, you need to have a narrow focus. It has to be a closed tunnel where there are only two ways out. They either leave the website or they continue to move forward.

The majority of landing pages’ bounce users back because they either aren’t appealing enough or they don’t offer what the person expected. In order to make landing pages’ work, you need the right combination of elements on the page.

And that’s where this guide can no longer help you. The right landing page is something that differs for every industry and every business. Your only option to make this work is to split test regularly.

Conclusion – Generating Leads Takes Time

There’s a lot of testing involved in B2B lead generation. It’s why this process takes a lot of time and effort to make work. You must commit to split testing and this has to be a permanent and ongoing process.

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